Understanding Deep Politics

The UDP conference website has been newly rebuilt after a few years of neglect, missing files, deleted media platform accounts and hacks. I took it upon myself to do this since I still think the concept of UDP and the fantastic presentations made at the time still have value. As well its important that the Truth Movement creates a legacy of documentation and organizations that future movements can build on.

When we organized and produced this event in 2010 we had many requests to produce the event again. This was always on our mind but life moved on and personal responsibilities, which we neglected needed tending to. You might be familiar with the activist burnout cycle!

Of all the events we have worked on, the impact of this conference with its line up of deep thinkers really was something unique and special. Just as special were the people who attended the event, for instance I recall the man who flew all the way from Western Australia to attend, as well an African woman from Rwanda, who expressed her appreciation (for the event) that there were still good people trying to find solutions for the gravest problems we face. I could hardly believe that the stone we threw into the pond rippled so far.

Perhaps we will try again a new day for another UDP Conference.

To all of those who attended and supported our 2010 event, with deep appreciation we thank you.

Jason King
Jan 5, 2015