​​​​​​​Russian Black Sea Fleet Warship Fired Warning Shots Near British Destroyer

​​​​​​​Russian Black Sea Fleet Warship Fired Warning Shots Near British Destroyer

Tensions are heating up between NATO and Russia in the Black Sea Region as a Russian patrol ship fired warning shots near HMS Defender, a British Royal Navy destroyer, for violating Russia’s maritime borders, according to Russian state-owned news agency RIA, citing the Russian Ministry of Defence. 

At 1152 local time, HMS Defender sailed across “the Russian border and entered the territorial sea at Cape Fiolent for three kilometers,” RIA said. 

Around 1206 and 1208, the Russian patrol ship fired warning shots. After nine minutes, Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft performed warning bombing maneuvers towards the British vessels. 

This may be the approx. location of the incident area

According to Bloomberg, a Su-24 attack plane “dropped 4 bombs in ship’s path.” 

At 1233, the British warship exited the maritime borders of Russia. 

Russian Senator Sergei Tsekov told RIA the warship’s movements were a “flagrant violation of international norms.” 

Things that make you go hmm… 

48 hours ago @CovertShores wrote about an incident where AIS data was spoofed & showed 2 NATO warships approaching Crimea. Today a British warship allegedly sailed 3km in Russian waters & was responded to with warning shots. Coincidence or something more?https://t.co/X2Lln1fpWA

— Kyle Glen (@KyleJGlen) June 23, 2021

*This story is developing… 

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