107 Million Vaccine Refuseniks?

Have 107 Million Americans Walked Off Their Jobs In Protest Of Forced Vaccination?

When A Pro-Vaccine Biologist Butts Heads With An Vaccine Antagonist.

Have 107 million Americans walked off their jobs, in refusal of Covid-19 forced vaccination?   Blogger and commentator Michael Snyder thinks so.  There is no other explanation as to why 107 million Americans “aren’t in the work force.”

How can any writer propose to write about “common sense” and Covid-19 when there is nothing common or sensible about it?

A real-life encounter: anti and pro-vaxer butt heads

Enter a real-life confrontation over Covid-19 that recently happened.

An employee of mine emails me to say his biologist brother-in-law was pressing him and his sister to get vaccinated.  My employee asked me to write his brother-in-law, knowing I am an investigative health journalist who has written extensively about Covid-19.

I wrote the brother-in-law to question his assertiveness over the vaccine.

I stated 99% of those who have been infected developed antibodies on their own and developed immunity that is many times superior to immunity achieved by vaccination.  That infection is good, not bad, as long as we have a health immune system, that nobody is dying of Covid-19, only of a weak immune system.

I wrote that the spike protein is nothing anybody should want making copies of abnormally in the human body, and that is precisely what the RNA vaccines produce.  As such, they are not truly vaccines, they are biological weapons.

I wrote there ARE antibodies and T-cells produced when the spike protein is made in the body, but those antibodies and T-cells do not confer immunity against a virus, just spike protein itself.  That is why Covid-19 vaccines are not providing lasting immunity and booster shots are needed.  And that is why the vaccines do not prevent the spread of the infection.

I wrote that 97% of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 were among older adults who had co-morbidities and only 3% were due to Covid-19 alone.

I wrote that most people died with, but maybe not of, Covid-19.

I wrote there was no need for school children to be vaccinated because they have been so over-vaccinated their immune systems are activated and they have what is called “trained immunity” and are not developing Covid-19 symptoms.

The biologist brother-in-law wrote back.  He said:

I was most likely an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist.

He wrote: “Not taking the vaccine is akin to playing Russian roulette with a 50-chamber revolver for you and those around you that aren’t vaccinated.  The chance of dying is small, but it is still there.  Please reconsider taking the vaccine.  Or at the very least don’t solely make you decision based on this misleading email.”

He stated we both cited some of the same scientific studies to make our point for or against vaccination.

I responded by sending the brother-in-law my 80-page scientific paper I wrote with references showing vaccines could be replaced by the trace mineral zinc.

He stated he didn’t have time to read it.

He said I failed to provide him evidence “of any intellectual capacity” over what I “proselytize.”  The 80-page paper wasn’t enough apparently.

I said, since we both used the same scientific references, I couldn’t see how he could call ME a conspiracy theorist.

He stated I was “hawking selenium and vitamin E,” dietary supplements, products I have no commercial interest in.

The brother-in-law asked “why should I trust anything you write?”

We were both camped in our positions.

The irony of this story is that both my employee and his brother-in-law subsequently came down with Covid-19 symptoms!

Vaccination: Between science and religion

Surveys show most people aren’t making decisions to “vaccinate” or not vaccinate against Covid-19 based upon medical or scientific criteria.  It’s a faith proposition.  One side doesn’t trust the other.

Most people, even learned doctors and nurses, throw up their hands as they attempt to sort out the arguments for or against Covid-19 vaccination.  It’s like arguing over creation vs. evolution.

According to surveys, most people elect to get vaccinated on political, religious (“mark of the beast,” use of fetal tissue in vaccines) or due to family coercion, not to leave out fear.

You can’t use logic or science with people who are for or against vaccination.  That isn’t the criteria they are using to decide.  Fear reigns on both sides of the argument: fear of Covid (which is contrived) or fear of the vaccine (which isn’t).

Who is unbiased?

How would you know how to answer that question from the biased sources of information about vaccines?  The nation’s news media is pro-vaccine all the way and any contrary opinions are censored.   Why, if arguments against vaccination are so unscientific, are they censored?  Wouldn’t that become apparent to the public?

The widely reported pandemic of the unvaccinated is an outright lie.  At least the editor of the British Medical Journal claims it is an untruth.

Have you seen that video clip showing how vaccine makers are the primary sponsor for TV news? Aw, those news shows wouldn’t be bought-off would they?  Hey, and that ex-President who takes credit for Operation Warp Speed that rushed vaccines into use, took millions from a major vaccine maker for his inauguration.

Nurses must know something

Caring nurses can’t fathom the idea of vaccinating young children with a vaccine that is experimental, without knowing the long-term side effects.  People aren’t dying like flies, as the initial application to use these vaccines claimed.  Some 32,000 Kaiser Health Plan nurses plan to walk off their jobs.  Their evidence against forced vaccination of children is observational.  Data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System reveals 2,433 dead babies among vaccinated pregnant women.

Why school kids don’t get Covid.  So why vaccinate?

School children aren’t getting Covid-19 because they are so over-vaccinated they have developed what is called “trained immunity” whereby the immune system is already activated by prior vaccination to chase off the Covid-19 virus.  So why vaccinate them?

Why are they lying?  FDA did NOT approve the vaccine

And no, the leading RNA vaccine for Covid-19 has not been approved by the FDA.  You have been conned if you think so.  Why would government mislead you about this?

Pediatricians don’t follow vaccine guidelines for their own kids

Many doctors, particularly pediatricians who are charged with vaccinating the nation’s school children, given they are financially involved, cannot provide the public unbiased opinion about vaccination whatsoever.  Pediatricians don’t vaccinate their own children according to guidelines.  It was Upton Sinclair who is attributed to the saying: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

The propaganda to vaccinate, issued by the government, is deceptive and unconscionable.  In Los Angeles, when a vaccination center opened and hardly anybody showed up, the next day health authorities hired shills holding anti-vax signs and blamed them on its failure.

Indisputable arguments against Covid vaccination

There are a couple of arguments against vaccination that are indisputable.

The PCR nasal swab test used to confirm infection has been manipulated to produce false positive cases and then re-manipulated to show effectiveness when the vaccines were introduced.  This is nothing less than gross scientific fraud.

We all read online and see on TV stories of people who were emphatically against vaccination and then allegedly died of Covid?  These stories are spread far and wide.  Like:

The Alabama police chief who is reported to have died of Covid and regretted not getting the shots on his death bed.
An unvaccinated nurse with 5 children dies of Covid.
A conservative radio talk show host who spurned vaccines is said to have died of Covid.
Another radio show host who called himself “Mr. Anti-Vax” has reportedly succumbed to Covid-19.

These are seemingly convincing reports.  But did these people really die of Covid?  They died, for sure.  But since the Covid-19 test is rigged, there is no way to attribute the cause of death to the virus.

Furthermore, this journalist has repeatedly shown increased consumption of alcohol (up 500%) and caffeinated coffee and tea due to anxiety-induced sleeplessness block vitamin B1 that controls the human nervous system.  A deficiency of vitamin B1 can mimic all the symptoms of Covid-19, including breathlessness, loss of smell, fever, diarrhea, and even cause death.  Health authorities refuse to investigate.  This journalist has profusely written about this here, here, here, and here.

Modern medicine is so over-committed to these problematic vaccines, it can’t admit they cause problems, and therefore the vaccinated are left to fend for themselves.  Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has conducted a Congressional hearing over the problem of vaccine injuries.  Have no fear.  There are remedies at hand.  When Covid-19 vaccines cause problems, and doctors have no answers for them, this writer has researched what the vaccinated can do about that.

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