21 Remarkable Stats For ’21

21 Remarkable Stats For ’21

In his latest Flow Show report, Bank of America’s Chief Investment Strategist, Michael Hartnett has compiled 21 remarkable statistics for 2021, which we republish below.

1 billion: COVID-19 vaccines will be administered as of 24th April 2021

3 million: global deaths from COVID-19.

60 million: global deaths from all causes in 2019; global births 140 million.

14 million: US job gains since May’20, follows 22 million lost during COVID-19 pandemic.

$30 trillion: global policy stimulus in ’20 & ’21 ($17tn fiscal + $13tn monetary).

201: central bank interest rate cuts since Feb’20 (989 since GFC).

$1 billion: central banks purchased $1bn of financial assets every hour since Feb’20 ($21tn since GFC).

$0.4 trillion: QE in ‘22, down from $3.4tn in ’21 & $8.5tn in ’20.

$78,591: US national debt per taxpayer in ’25 (debt to equal $27tn).

1%: global market cap of Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies ($2.3tn) as % of global equities ($112tn) and bonds ($118tn).

$4.5 trillion: issuance of US Treasuries in ’21 set to easily exceed GDP of Germany.

Q1’21: worst first quarter return ever for 30-year Treasury, worst for IG bonds since 1980, worst for gold since 1982.

$51 trillion: gain in global equity market cap since Mar’20 lows (fastest/largest rally all-time).

$8.2 trillion: market cap of Apple ($2.2tn) + Microsoft ($1.9tn) + Amazon ($1.7tn) + Google ($1.5tn) + Facebook ($0.9tn) = all Emerging Markets ($8.2tn, population 6 billion).

1557: # of stocks in MSCI ACWI index (3042 constituents) currently in bear market (20% below their all-time high).

29%: US bank stocks record 29% above 200dma

$602 billion: inflow to global stocks past 5 months exceeds inflow of prior 12 years ($452bn).

64.3%: BofA private client allocation to equities at record highs

64.7: ISM manufacturing PMI highest since 1984.

59%: YoY gain in BAC credit card data (barometer for US consumer spending – week ended April 10th).

52%: YoY gain in US used car prices & US house prices +17% YoY highest ever …both lead barometers for US inflation.

Tyler Durden
Fri, 04/23/2021 – 15:30

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