A Delusional AOC Provides The Tweet Irony Of The Day

A Delusional AOC Provides The Tweet Irony Of The Day

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk.com,

AOC Irony

People want to “but Manchin” everyone to death, but learned helplessness is not a disposition that inspires confidence or support.

The President has tools at his disposal. Leadership has tools at their disposal. If it really is just 1-2 votes, Senate should force a vote on BBB

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) December 17, 2021

No Progressive princess, what’s happening is the public is sick of your progressive cohort for hijacking the Democratic Party to the extreme Left. 

The vote in Virginia and near loss in New Jersey were not because of failure to pass programs. The vote is because you want to pass extreme Progressive bills.

Senate  Parliamentarian Irony

Yesterday, the Senate Parliamentarian correctly ruled that immigration reform is not a budget item. 

Whether you are for or against reform, clearly it’s not a budget item and that means it cannot be part of Build Back Better.  

Let’s tune into what a delusional AOC thinks.

Good thing the Parliamentarian’s guidance here is non binding! It’s just guidance.

The Senate can still include a path to citizenship in BBB and call a vote on it, which is why we have called on them to do so. https://t.co/lbHJWDaghj

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) December 17, 2021

Say What?

Sure .Schumer can introduce a vote. And it will take 60 Senators to pass it. 

More Delusion 

As this was playing out, the conventional beltway groupthink was that the progressives were being ‘unreasonable’ in not trusting there were the votes in the Senate to get this done. https://t.co/QQM8Dt3LTU

— Amanda Becker (@AmandaBecker) December 17, 2021

I didn’t think he [President Biden] could promise the Senate. He promised anyway. It’s time for him to deliver

Another Say What?! 

Biden made a promise that was not his to make. And the only way he can deliver is by doing what Manchin wants. 

There is no way Biden can “force” the Senate to deliver a Progressive mandate.

Manchin’s Demand List

$1.7 Trillion fully paid budget up from $1.5 Trillion – Position since April

Means-testing child-care subsidies and the child tax credit – Position since April

Concerned over inflation – Position since April

No timeline gimmicks of expiring programs to make a fake budget – Position since April 

No paid family leave – Position since April

No new entitlements that aren’t means-tested or don’t require work – Position since April

In addition to the above, Manchin will not go along with proposals to change Parliamentary rules, pack the court, or end the filibuster. Those have been his position forever.

What did Pelosi, AOC, and the House do? 

They ignored every one of Manchin’s requirements. 

And now, AOC moans about delusion. Wow, talk about the need to look in the mirror. 

A Democrat bloodbath is likely in November of 2022. 

Meanwhile, if the delusional Progressive stick with the same plan, Build Back Better will not pass at all. And that would be a great thing.

The final irony is that in order to kill BBB entirely, we must now hope Progressives keep doing what they’re doing. 

Go for it AOC!

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