A Message To All Who Got the Vax

All ye who got the vax, you were deceived.
All ye who got the vax, for you I grieve.
You’ve damaged your blood and maybe your brain.
The killers who gave you this stuff are insane.
You fell for their propaganda campaign,
All ye who got the clot-shot
who got the Covid bioweapon
who got the genetic poison
who got the vax.

You were bamboozled, tricked, and duped
or maybe you were forced to take it.
Strokes, clots, immune system damage—
now there’s no way to escape it.
We tried to warn you,
we of good faith.
We used common sense, did some research.
You responded with scorn and hate.
Blinded by the Fear Campaign,
false PCR tests and bogus cases,
you obeyed the destructive lockdowns
and wore useless masks on your faces
(disease-causing, oxygen-blocking masks on your faces).

And now the vaxxed are dropping like flies
while the Pharma-owned media lies and lies.
They tell you it must be climate change
(another hoax of the Globalist crew)
or maybe the illusory Monster Virus
is laying waste to me and you.

All ye who got the toxic jab,
keep your children away from this crap
and DO NOT take boosters—if you do
you’re falling into a deadly trap.
Here’s the lowdown, and it’s true:
There never was a real pandemic.
Fake statistics, Remdesivir deaths,
and fraudulent tests were epidemic.
The seasonal flu disappeared—
all flu cases tagged with the “Covid” label.
Fauci, Gates, and their Big Pharma partners
did as much damage as they were able,
earning billions to feather their nests
while We The People were dispossessed,
robbed of freedom…Debate censored…
Science muzzled…the slaves indentured.

All ye who got the vax,
it’s time to face the overwhelming, irrefutable facts:
The Covid “vaccine” is not a vaccine,
it’s a dangerous genetic-manipulation drug
which miserably failed all previous clinical trials
and any employer or bureaucrat who forces this product on you
is morally obscene.  This “vaccine” does NOT prevent infection,
does NOT stop transmission, does NOT provide immunity
as even the CDC and the drug companies now admit.
The Pharma-paid presstitute, the Pharma-owned “fact-checker”
who pushes this product on you is a liar, a sell-out, a piece of sh*t.

All ye who got the vax
and those who didn’t too,
Rise up against this sickening fraud.
We are many.  They are few.
Rise up against the W.H.O.
and their International Health Regulations
which would cancel the US Constitution
and clamp a yoke on all nations.
Tell Trump you won’t ever vote for him
unless he apologizes for his Warped decisions,
admits he was wrong and makes amends.
We need no more half-measures, no more false friends.
Make Pfizer and Moderna pay, and Astra-Zeneca, J & J
for their crimes against humanity.
Put these bloodsuckers out of business.
Together, let’s end this insanity.

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“How were so many millions of people worldwide convinced to take an experimental “vaccine” that has now caused millions of deaths and injuries worldwide?  This was the largest propaganda campaign in the history of the human race, using FEAR to intimidate people into agreeing to be injected with a bioweapon, or in many cases, coerced.”

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