A Quick Look at the Situation in Italy

As I could read with interest on LewRockwell.com the recent articles about Covid “management” in Australia and Austria, I tried to write some few lines about Italian situation, even if I am not sure to have the competencies to write an article in English. At least, I think I will be able to give some interesting leads. Here in Italy the road to serfdom is now totally clear, and I think italians are running quickly to a totalitarian state.

I’d like to report some news and some feelings.

About the news, I think we can we can summarize them saying that from Monday 6th December, only vaccinated people will have state authorization to have a life. Is my definition an exaggeration?

These are the facts:

Italy is divided in zone (white, yellow, orange and red) based on the public health system situation and on virus diffusion. Currently we have only white zones, but since the public health system is in a terrible shape from… well, from when I have memory, we are quite sure we are going to have a lot of yellow and orange zone, or even red. In each zone you have a worse limitation of your rights, from the block of some activities to a total lock down.
Currently it is mandatory a “basic” green pass (obtainable with the swab): you have to have it to work, go to restaurant, go inside offices and public buildings and so on.
From 6 December it will be mandatory also for: hotels, changing rooms for sporting activities, regional rail transport and local public transport.
From 6 December there will be also a “super” green pass (reinforced green pass), that you can have only if vaccinated or recovered from Covid. It will be mandatory to have access to shows, sporting events, indoor bars and restaurants, parties and discos, public ceremonies (activities that are allowed only in the white and yellow zone). Orange zone will have more limitations if you have not the reinforced green pass.
Compulsory vaccination will be extended to health administrative staff, teachers and school administrative staff, military, police forces, public aid…
Former Prime Minister Senator Mario Monti said (my translation, and I am not a professional) «communication as the one in time of war (…) we have to find a system that save freedom of expression but that doses information from above. (…) war information means that there is a dosage of the information, (…) find – can I say ? – less democratic ways of communication second for second», and that “journalist” commented «Interesting, this is an interesting point of view, please explain because I can see what will be said tomorrow»… Maybe we can ignore the senator’s statements, but the absence of reactions from journalists seems a symptom of something deeper and deeply troubling.
The police are searching the homes of the organizers of the demonstrations against the green pass, and is accusing them of instigating the commission of crimes. Isn’t this the typical behavior of a police state?

These are the news, and I think they are worrying news, especially in a state so easy to fall into authoritarianism (the Italians invented fascism, but they easily forget it!). Maybe I am too choosy when I thought that the things they are limiting and authorizing (and, on the contrary, forcing) were natural rights that no state could limit, authorize, force.

Now, I would like to share some feelings. I am scared. I see many friends of mine changing, and expressing violent and totalitarian ideas.

«I am happy that we are closing social life to unvaccinated, we had also too much patience», said a policeman I know well.
«A no-vax is hospitalized, God exists and know how to make his job», I heard a doctor, a good person, say.
«They should pay enormous fines and go to jail», I heard a young man say. I don’t know him, but his face was a totally normal face, a businessman in his lunch break.

Not only normal people say this things, also journalists and politicians. «They should pay for their treatment» said a journalist, forgetting that all Italians, even unvaccinated, pay an absurd taxation (by the way: it’s a theft) that should justify any treatment. But this idea was also proposed by a Lazio politician.

I could keep giving more examples, but what good would it be? I believe you have already understood.

To me, it seems like in Italy we are about to face again the banality of evil, and I am scared for my family and our future.

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