“A Waste Of Money”: Edmunds Calls Tesla’s $140k Model S Plaid A “Marketing Exercise To Draw Attention To An Aging Car”

“A Waste Of Money”: Edmunds Calls Tesla’s $140k Model S Plaid A “Marketing Exercise To Draw Attention To An Aging Car”

The auto experts at Edmunds went in on Tesla’s Model S Plaid in a new review released this week, calling the car a “marketing exercise to draw attention to an aging car” this week. 

“The Tesla Model S Plaid is nothing more than a marketing exercise designed to draw attention to an aging car. Also, the yoke is a joke,” Edmunds wrote on Twitter on Tuesday

“Don’t let anybody tell you the yoke is a good idea,” they say. 

left and right indicator buttons both on the left –– but why?? pic.twitter.com/yqkJHoOk5D

— Edmunds (@edmunds) September 7, 2021

In a description of the Plaid on its website, Edmunds writes: “Tesla’s top trim level, the Plaid gets maximum performance via an upgraded battery system and an additional motor. Tesla says it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds and provide 396 miles of range,” the site’s review says. 

And the reviewers did seem impressed by the car’s acceleration during testing. 

The driver gets the car up well over 120 miles per hour. “Oh my god,” the driver exclaims after flooring it in the Tesla. “That is something else,” he exclaims. “I’m a little breathless right now. The road just narrows in front of you.”

“This is by far the fastest and most breathtaking acceleration I’ve ever experienced,” he proclaims.

“Bloody hell,” another driver says after flooring it later in the vehicle. One driver experiences motion sickness after driving the vehicle. “It’s the strangest feeling,” he says after getting out of the car. 

They also rested the range of the vehicle. They came in at about 345 miles in range, very close to the claimed 348 mile range and landing it at the top of Edmunds’ range chart among all EVs. 

But then comes the discussion about quality, and the praise stops. The reviewer concludes the car just isn’t worth its hefty price tag. 

The quality of this car just isn’t good enough for $140,000,” the reviewer says. “I own a Tesla Model 3 and the materials in here are a little different, but this car costs more than 3 times as much as the Model 3. If you compare the look and feel of things in here to a Porsche Taycan or a Mercedes EQS frankly, it’s a world apart.”

“On top of that, you have the problem of the actual build quality. The more you look at this car, the more problems you find,” he says, pointing out panels that don’t line up and weather stripping that isn’t in place. 

“If Tesla wants to maintain its market lead, it’s going to need more than antics on Twitter. It’s going to need to focus on quality,” he concludes.

You can watch the full review – called “Why The Tesla Plaid’s A Waste of Money” – here:

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Wed, 09/08/2021 – 12:43

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