Alaska Airlines Launches Subscription “Flight Pass” Program Starting At $49 A Month

Alaska Airlines Launches Subscription “Flight Pass” Program Starting At $49 A Month

From Uber to DoorDash and beyond, dozens of American companies are trying out new membership clubs in an effort to squeeze as many dollars of profit as they can out of their most loyal customers. Even “MoviePass”, one of the first such monthly subscription services famous for its money losing business model, has been brought back from the dead.

The trend has gotten so big, that even airlines – already pioneering players in the loyalty points racket with their frequent flyer mile programs – are getting in on the action.

Alaska Airlines is launching a new “Flight Pass” for travelers on the West Coast who want a more cost-effective option for traveling between 16 different locations out West. The program will allow members to choose from among a large number of routes.

“Flight Pass” members can choose from 100 daily flights between 16 West Coast cities. The pass can be used on round-trip travel throughout California as well as for nonstop service from California to Phoenix, Reno and Las Vegas.

One-way and multi-segment bookings are currently not available under Flight Pass.

For customers, the pass starts off at $49 per month, not including the costs associated with booking each individual flight.

The standard Flight Pass plan, which requires booking at least 14 days before travel, starts at $49 per month. Meanwhile, the Flight Pass Pro plan, which allows same-day booking up to two hours before departure, starts at $199 per month. Both annual plans allow flight bookings to be made up to 90 days in advance. Flight Pass subscribers can also earn miles toward Mileage Plan elite status.

“Flight Pass builds on our mission to offer travelers the most West Coast destinations at the best value,” Alaska Airlines managing director for business development and products Alex Corey said in a statement. “Our commitment to care means offering convenient and affordable options that fit our guests’ lifestyle and connect them to where they want to go.”

That monthly fee will give members access to a certain number of “credits” that will allow them to book up to 12 or 24 non-stop flights each year (depending on which pass they choose).

Flight Pass subscribers will receive credits deposited monthly or bi-monthly into their accounts, which can be redeemed for six, 12 or 24 nonstop trips per year to eligible destinations. Individuals purchasing the entry-level Flight Pass or Flight Pass Pro plans will need to wait two months before booking their first flight in order to accrue a full credit. In addition, the credits expire, so passengers will have to use them before receiving their next batch. 

However, frequent fliers be warned: travelers need to be on their best behavior lest they wind up on the FAA’s rapidly growing “no fly” list.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 02/17/2022 – 13:25

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