Americans Need A New Media

The news media can be anything they want to be. There are no laws that demand them to be objective, fair, truthful, or accurate. Consequently, we have an army of journalists who are nakedly biased, vainly divisive, childishly spiteful, and purposely destructive. We can only hope our free market economy responds to the great business opportunity at hand before the press and its Democrat allies make doing so impossible as they work to shut down free enterprise.

At one time, long before radio, television, and the Internet, the newspapers in this country were party organs. Wikipedia, citing the work of university researchers, explains that “prior to the 1830s, a majority of U.S. newspapers were aligned with a political party or platform. … This was called partisan press and was not unbiased in opinion.”

The newspapers of the day didn’t pretend to be objective reporters of fact. Their bias was known and accepted. Not a problem.

Today, however, the media, with a few exceptions, try to cover themselves in a veneer of objectivity when in reality they are the modern newsletter of the Democratic Party and the progressive agenda. Those who aren’t part of their tribe are lied to, sneered at, and marginalized by journalists who not only want to establish a political society while killing our civil society, but want to ensure they’re part of the elite that enjoys the privilege and status of power.

From the TV networks to the major daily newspapers to sophomoric gab shows, the media are in the business of lying, covering up and/or ignoring truth that hurts Democrats, instilling fear, creating an environment in which government can more easily control people who already had been freed through revolution, and “othering” and gaslighting dissenters.

As an institution, the press has been almost wholly taken over by a collection of liberty-loathing progressives, resentful leftists, neo-Marxists, aspiring tyrants, busybodies, bitter scolds, elitists, anti-Americans, and angry, juvenile activists – a composition identical to that of the Democratic Party. For those who doubt this, consider the Democrats’ recent proposal to subsidize left-leaning newspapers with taxpayer money.

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