An Easy and Effective Shield to Protect From Covid-19

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As I discuss in my interview with Dr. David Brownstein above, he has successfully treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients using immune boosting strategies such as intravenous or nebulized hydrogen peroxide, iodine, oral vitamins A, C and D, and intramuscular ozone. In a case report of 107 confirmed COVID-19 patients that he treated, 91 (85%) used nebulized peroxide diluted with normal saline, plus Lugol’s iodine. As explained in Brownstein’s paper:20

“A solution of 250 cc of normal saline was mixed with 3 cc of 3% hydrogen peroxide providing a final concentration of 0.04% hydrogen peroxide … Additionally, 1 cc of magnesium chloride (200 mg/ml) was added to the 250 cc saline/hydrogen peroxide bag. (This was mixed in the office for the patients.)

Patients were instructed to nebulize 3 cc of the mixture three times per day or more often if there were breathing problems. Usually one or two nebulizer treatments were reported to improve breathing problems … They reported no adverse effects. We have been using nebulized saline/hydrogen peroxide at this concentration for over two decades in his practice.

Hydrogen peroxide is continually produced in the human body with substantial amounts produced in the mitochondria. Every cell in the body is exposed to some level of hydrogen peroxide. The lungs are known to produce hydrogen peroxide. Nebulized hydrogen peroxide has been shown to have antiviral activities. Hydrogen peroxide can activate lymphocytes which are known to be depleted in COVID-19.”

I’ve embraced nebulized peroxide since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and have received many anecdotal reports from people who have successfully used it, even at more advanced stages. Based on Brownstein’s experience, I also recommend adding iodine when nebulizing, as it appears to make it even more effective.

Proper Dilution Is the Key to Safety

Povidone-iodine gargles and nasal sprays, and nebulized peroxide diluted with saline, with or without iodine, can be safely used by most people both for prevention and in cases of active infection, provided the substances are properly diluted.

For instance, while nebulization with 0.1% to 3% hydrogen peroxide appears to be quite safe, it would be a very serious hazard to use peroxide of greater concentrations. Food grade peroxide up to 35% concentration can be obtained but should NEVER be used topically or internally. It MUST be diluted or severe injury can occur. Your safest bet is to use 3% food grade peroxide and dilute it as indicated in the chart provided below so you end up with a solution of 0.1%.

It’s interesting to note that even nebulizing normal saline may be an effective treatment for acute viral bronchiolitis, a viral infection in the small airways of your lungs.21 So while saline is considered the “inert” substance in the solution — and is often used as a placebo in trials that evaluate nebulized drugs — it may have benefits of its own.

I recommend using nebulized peroxide for any suspected respiratory infection, and the earlier you start, the better. There is no danger in doing it every day if you’re frequently exposed, and there may even be additional beneficial effects, such as a rapid rise in your blood oxygen level.

It is important to understand that this is a protocol that you need to implement BEFORE you attempt to treat COVID. Since early treatment is vital, ideally on Day 1, you want to have the nebulizer and materials already in your house ready to go. I would avoid using a battery powered hand held nebulizer and rather opt for a unit you plug into the wall.

You can find them on eBay or Amazon but make sure they have a face mask and not just a mouthpiece as you want to put the mist into your nose in addition to your lungs as many of the viruses lodge there and if you merely use a mouthpiece you will not reach these viral particles. This is an example of one that plugs in the wall and has a face mask.

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