Anatomy of a Philanthropath: Dreams of Democide & Dictatorship

This is Part 2 of Anatomy of a Philanthropath. Read Part 1: A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation.

“Regulation mania, as manifested in government bureaucracy, attempts to render social interactions rational and logical by squeezing them into performed templates. In this respect, the ideal bureaucrat is identical to a computer. They strictly adhere to the logic of their system without being ‘distracted’ by the individuality of the people they ‘assist.’ For this reason, a bureaucratic system generates exactly the same frustration as a computer. We are confronted with a mechanical Other who is in no way sensitive to our individuality as human beings. A computer is not so much an unfair or unjust Other; it is an Other who imposes a relentless logic.… In this respect, the computer resembles the ideal totalitarian leader: He strictly and ruthlessly imposes his logic on the population.”

—Mattias Desmet, The Psychology of Totalitarianism (Kindlehardcoveraudiobookaudio CD)

Former Club of Rome Director Dennis Lynn Meadows’s fantasies of a smart dictatorship are now being realized thanks to the wonders of biosurveillance technology, and Nazi-adjacent Klaus Schwab advisor/World Economic Forum (WEF) programmer Say-the-Quiet-Part-out-Loud Yuval Noah Harari can’t wait to tell you about it:

“The surveillance technology gave the tools how to control millions of people against their will in a much more effective way. And these tools, again, are now being exported all over the world. So, this is just an example of how the new technology changes the geopolitical balance of power, whether on a regional level or on a global level.

“And again, if you look globally, then we see that now you can really buy a package of how to create a digital dictatorship just off the shelf. There’s many countries around the world that can’t develop or don’t have these technologies locally, but they can just buy all the necessary tools and know-how and even people to operate the system from elsewhere.” (emphases mine here and in subsequent quotes)

This reminds me of the ominous “honey” presentation delivered in O Lucky Man! (jump to 1:54:23 here, or, for ever-expanding context, start at 1:47:59, 1:50:25, or 1:52:14; warning: contains graphic war imagery):

Sir James Burgess: In view of your undoubted superiority, Colonel Steiger, can you tell us why this insurrection still persists?

Colonel Steiger: The terrain is unfavorable, Sir. Jungle and swamp favor the native. That is why we need “honey.”

Sir James Burgess: Honey.

Colonel Steiger: Precisely. Your British honey. The substance known as PL-45, or in the terminology of my profession, “honey.” Let me show you some examples. Slide, please.

This is a man who has received a light exposure to this invaluable weapon.… And again.… And again.… And again.… And again.

A beer mug full of honey can create a lethal zone for all forms of terrestrial life within an area of fifteen acres.

Low-flying aircraft spraying PL-45 can cover 100 square miles in two hours.

Thank you.

This is all I need to finish the job.

Sir James Burgess: Mmm-hmm. Impressive. Am I to understand, Colonel Steiger, that granted supplies of adequate quantities of um, “honey,” you’re prepared to guarantee the internal stability of your territory?

Colonel Steiger: You have my word.

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