Another Snowstorm Headed For Midwest, Northeast? 

Another Snowstorm Headed For Midwest, Northeast? 

AccuWeather meteorologists are focused on the atmospheric river emanating from over the Pacific Ocean and dumping rain and snow in California. These storms could reorganize over the Central states by this weekend, with the possibilities of wintry weather brewing for Midwest and Northeast states. 

AccuWeather meteorologists anticipate Midwest and Northeast states could experience a winter blast on Saturday through Monday. 

“This extensive cold air may help keep the precipitation as snow in many places, especially away from the immediate Atlantic coast,” AccuWeather Forecasting Manager Dan DePodwin forecasted. 

“How much snow falls from the mid-Atlantic and central Appalachians to New England may depend on whether the storm re-strengthens or a secondary storm forms along the Atlantic coast on Monday,” DePodwin said.

“A stronger storm or near-coast secondary storm would have the potential to bring heavy snow to the Northeast while a weaker storm or no secondary storm might only bring light and easily managed precipitation,” he added.

Natgas prices have been on the rise in recent sessions on the prospects of increased winter activity for the US. 

Maybe Goldman Sachs’ bullish stance on natgas may finally play out.

But still, natgas bulls need a few things to go right before a sustainable cold blast is seen (read: “Here’s What NatGas Bulls Are Betting On In The Next Month”). 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 01/27/2021 – 17:00

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