Another Tesla Model S “Inexplicably” Bursts Into Flames

Another Tesla Model S “Inexplicably” Bursts Into Flames
Tyler Durden
Sun, 12/13/2020 – 16:25

According to Twitter account @_subia, her husband was driving a 2015 Tesla Model S when it “inexplicably” burst into flames in late November while driving down a neighborhood street in Frisco, Texas. 

On Nov. 23, @_subia tweeted, “my husband @usmaan008 heard bangs while driving his beloved ⁦ @Tesla ⁩ & pulled over moments before it burst into flames. I was told we were lucky he got out when he did.”

Source: @_subia

By Dec. 2, @_subia was hoping for an explanation of why her husband’s Tesla “suddenly caught fire.”

Source: @_subia

On Dec. 12, @_subia now assumes “the tesla car battery exploded,” adding that her “husband almost took our kids with him. What if kids were buckled in car seats? He hasn’t been able to shake that thought. Or me being in that front passenger seat.”

Source: @_subia

Weeks later, after the Model S “inexplicably burst into flames” – Tesla has yet to investigate the incident. 

“Tesla still hasn’t had a chance to investigate but I now fear for all our family & friends who drive Teslas. We just want answers.” 

Tesla vehicles randomly exploding is not a new phenomenon. We reported in 2019 that a Tesla Model S “spontaneously” caught on fire in a Chinese parking garage.

By late 2019, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation into a possible defect in the battery of some Teslas that could cause “non-crash fires.” 

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