Are You Ready for the Accountability Phase?

Sometime in the near future, people will snap out of what is happening.

Normal will return.

An angry public will want accountability. The public health establishment has figured out exactly how to distract you from this. You must not be distracted.

What will be needed are people in roles like these: 

1.) People friendly enough with local politicians to be able to encourage them privately through a period of accountability (not during a public meeting, not during a yelled out public comment, not over Zoom).

2.) People friendly enough with local editors to get a 500 word op-ed published in the local newspaper will be needed. People who can be background explaining the other side of a story to a reporter or editor will be needed. Having some established relationship with people in the media and a reputation for being knowledgeable on this topic will be needed.

3.) People friendly enough with local law enforcement, especially prosecutors, to be able to help them talk over (privately) what happens next will be needed.

Do I expect you to be your local dictator, calling the shots on everything? No, but I expect you to have a seat at the tableOnce you are at the table, your knowledge will shine, your sense of what is right will shine. If you are not in the room, you are not in the deal. No representative can represent someone like you. You are one of the most valuable members of your community at a time like the one we are about to go through and the knowledge you bring — I am not using this word lightly — is irreplaceable.

No one in your community has the combined local and global knowledge of what is taking place that you do. No matter how big your local freedom cell is, I believe what I have said here is still true.

You must understand the unique situation you are in, a situation you have likely never been in and a situation that you will likely never again be in. The times you are living through will set the stage for the centuries ahead. Perfection is not needed of you. You’ve already laid the groundwork phenomenally. All that is needed of you is to step forward effectively and to keep doing so unceasingly.

Your vim and vigor, tactfully delivered, will be enough.

Obey The Truth, Not Your Feelings 

Feelings are fleeting. They are meaningful, but they are a poor foundation upon which to build.

Sometimes people write me saying “I don’t want to turn people off when I present my argument.” There are ways to present the truth harshly and ways to present the truth gently. It is good to speak in a way that reaches others. However, if you are in any way avoiding the truth in conversations, then you are playing the simp and are not behaving like the leader this moment needs.

This moment needs people like you to rise to the occasion in roles like the above.

You do not get there by being a simp who stands for nothing. You get there by being someone who is clear with everyone around him about his values so that everyone in his community is able to say “Love him or hate him, this guy really knows his stuff on this topic.”

If you are still uncertain about the necessity of truth-telling in this era of deceit, I will point out that some of my readers were born into this world and expected to be truth-tellers, no matter what. That is the birthright of some of you. Author Stephen Baskerville goes so far as to write “He who is afraid to anger or offend is not yet a man.” Please, step into your own, as a bright shining light of truth, tactfully delivered, appropriate to the circumstances, no matter what the imagined impact of telling the truth may be.

Leadership Is Needed, And That Means You 

This is to say that leadership is needed. Do not get tired of being the broken record. Many people in your life are watching you and talking about you. Even if you are just a stranger to them, your public behavior is being talked about in the homes of many people who are slowly understanding that they fell for something bad and followed someone bad to the edge of a cliff, and perhaps beyond.

Leadership is needed, and that means you, unless of course you never want this corona communism to come to an end. If you abrogate the role of leader in your community, there literally will be no leader in your community. Your community may have only one shot at finding an upright leader and it may be you. The same filthy swamp creatures will stay in power if a legitimate leader does not stand, a legitimate leader who sees this moment for what it is.

Leader does mean “person in elected or appointed office.” It does not mean “the richest,” “the most influential,” or “the most popular.” Leader is he who acts in a way that others seek to emulate. Those other measures can all be aspects and signals of leadership, but walking the talk, and it being a walk that others want to take in their own lives is the most fundamental concept of leadership. This moment demands that of you. And not in waning qualities and quantities, like someone getting tired of the past year or two.

The establishment is in its death throes, the narrative is crumbling, the mobs are grumbling. Expect even more extreme, disproportionate, and unpredictable behavior from the establishment, like any person in death throes. Be unfazed. Be not fatigued. Double down. Press in. Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it. The victory is at hand.

Jezebels Are Today Plentiful, Ahabs Abound, Jehu Is Special, In Short Supply, And Badly Needed 

Recently, I wrote about the biblical figures Queen Jezebel (a wicked usurper of power) and King Ahab (a weak willed man who enables wickedness specifically through his weakness). These two are such dominant spirits of our day and will continue to be in that role unless a courageous Jehu figure comes along and sets things right.

That is you.

You do not need to be perfect. In fact, the less perfect, the better. Your self-recognition of your faults will likely keep you working more diligently. Your enemy will want you and others to obsess over your faults. The only résumé items that matter go something like this:

“Never wore a mask, has been fighting this fight for 22 months, and realizes that we cannot rest until those responsible never again hold office and are forever prevented from repeating anything even remotely close to this, because if they’ve lied to us about this, what else have they lied to us about?” 

Focus on that.

Never be distracted about any ad hominem attack on you. That ad hominem attack is all the enemy has.

Endurance — You Thought 2 Years Of This Was Tough, Try 40 Years In The Wilderness

Do you know what an ad hominem is?

Ron Paul does.

They called Ron Paul every dirty name in the book.

For 40 years, he walked in the wilderness in Washington, D.C. repeating the same basic ideas over and again, to anyone who would listen, and for decades America ran arrogantly into the abyss, as far from its blessings as one could imagine — often led even further afield by Republicans than Democrats.

Nixon’s monetary policy was disgusting enough to inspire this small town doctor to run for Congress. The late 1980s likelihood that Vice President — and deep state former CIA Director — George H.W. Bush was the future of America was disgusting enough to inspire Ron Paul to run for President against his own party. These behaviors did not ingratiate him with the establishment. He attracted their ire all the more. Wilderness is probably a gentle word for what he went through, but a remnant were out there quietly watching what he was doing and listening to what he was saying.

Seemingly unfazed by even the dirtiest low blows, the man proceeded to speak the truth out in the wilderness. And then in 2007, something special happened: late in his career, he ran for President again and found something very special just below the surface. Americans were finally hungry for truth.

In addition to having many other impacts, Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign inspired 1.) Bitcoin (had there not been Ron Paul 2008, there would not be Bitcoin) (ok), 2.) the Tea Party, 3.) a rebirth of American values, 4.) some of the most ardent activists of corona communism, 5.) increased the exodus from the Democrat Party, 6.) spread Austrian economics, 7.) made the Federal Reserve Bank unable to be mentioned politically without being booed by clear thinkers across the spectrum, 8.) prepared the way for Trump 2016, Trump 2020, Trump 2024, and 9.) perhaps most importantly, it inspired the motley mass movement of Americans that coalesced around the orange man and refused to back down.

It was not Ron Paul they sought to silence when they censored him in 2007 and 2008. It was you. And it was not Donald Trump they sought to censor in 2021. It was you. Paul and Trump are far from the same, but they each have represented a common thread in American culture by giving voice to fundamental passions and by inspiring men to dream of an America that functioned in line with the bold dreams of human freedom that were once foundational to this land.

Ron Paul has been an important voice that has come to shape the contemporary American political landscape, perhaps even the most influential voice of dissent of the past fifty years.

It has been fewer than two years since the Ides of March 2020 brought us the start of corona communism. Two years of repetition is nothing. Two years in the wilderness is nothing. Come back to me after you’ve spent a tireless 40 years there. This time needs you even more focussed, even more ready to fight and win. 

Look At The Example Of Eastern Europe — What Happens When Leaders Will Not Stand 

If you fail at being a leader locally, something else will happen, just as has happened in so many post-communist countries. Evidence will disappear, powerbroker will ensure more of the same, the media will help transition their friends, a few figureheads might be punished, and the most vile perpetrators of the era known as corona communism, will come to continue to hold esteemed roles in the new America. This promises to make the new America a lot less wonderful. That is not, by any means, inevitable. That is, however, what will happen in your community without you standing up in roles like those above — not as the guy shouting at the podium — but as the guy following his values, acting upon them publicly, and counseling and lobbying those in roles of influence privately.

In the months ahead, the existing narrative will fail, and your ability to step into a role of leadership in your community like the roles mentioned above will be so important. A small window of opportunity will exist that must now be prepared for. 

Watch Avowed Enemies Become Beloved Comrades — Leftists Will Bring A Fury With Them That Will Horrify Onlookers 

Something happens in Republican country club politics — many people get very social and forget their values, if they ever had any values. Don’t get me wrong. Fellowship is good. However, living by your values and winning for your values are primary. Consequently, you owe it to your values to win.

Some strange things will likely happen in the months ahead. Among them, in increasing numbers, people who would have happily called for your hanging on FaceBook or NextDoor will suddenly be taking directions from you. I do not know when it will happen, but it will almost certainly happen. In fact, the longer the suppression the more fierce that blowback will be.

It will likely be fiercest from the political left. 

And I suspect it will not stop with politics, and will not stop with culture. A once militant, atheist liberal I know, not long ago, said to me words once thought impossible by her: “I came to Trump in 2020, I came to Jesus in 2021.”

Some of the fiercest warriors in my army are the Democrats and progressives who had their eyes painfully opened to what their trusted figureheads in life are really up to. They are fierce. Libertarians and conservatives have known for years, decades, perhaps even a lifetime, that government is best which governs least. They have known that government was out to get them, that it was out to get everyone. They have known that government needed to be drowned in the bathtub or else their worst nightmares would come true.

Democrats and progressives grew up seeing government as a trusted friend. Are you getting why the liberals are so capable of being so fierce? Who do you think would seethe with vengeance: 1.) the person who saw it coming all along and could barely be bothered to pay attention or 2.) the trusting friend betrayed and unwittingly made the accomplice of evil before having the rudest of awakenings?

It won’t be the guy wearing the NRA lifetime membership hat. It will be the newly awoken liberal fumbling his way through his first concealed carry class and asking the guy next to him if there is a militia in the state. That’s what really happens when a liberal’s eyes open. They open with a fury.

Conservatives are saying “I knew it all along.”

Liberals are saying “I want justice.”

A Conclusory Act Of World War II & A Conclusory Act Of This Era 

In one of the conclusory acts of World War II, once trusted doctors were executed at the end of the Nuremberg Trials. They claimed they were just following orders and that they were just doing what was in the best interest of society as a whole. That did not save them. They had violated fundamental aspects of human decency and individual liberty. They had to be handled in a way that would permanently remove them from positions of trust, would fittingly recompense them for their crimes, and would allow a people to heal.

The day that Anthony Fauci is executed alongside other doctors, I hope it is by judicial means and after a fair trial. If it is by extra-judicial means, it will almost certainly be at the hands of once avowed Democrats. It will be at the hands of men and women who once loved Fauci and sang his praises to their neighbors. It will be at the hands of people of who obediently told their neighbors to get vaxxed and who, for a time, denied the suffering that occurred as a result. They may have continued this behavior until the reality was no longer possible to ignore — the reality being that they allowed themselves to play the fool and also the accomplice. There is a stored up fury among the former Fauci loyalists that must not be overlooked.

Your Disagreements Will Be Harped Upon By Those Who Seek To Divide And Enfeeble 

You may disagree on many things with such new converts who have awoken to the horrors of this moment. The enemy wants you focussed on those topics of disagreement. Many good people find it very hard to seek agreement with single-issue allies.

Often, if you can find that agreement, the leaderless, the rudderless, those lacking a moral compass will, in time, congregate toward those with a firm understanding of the situation and a strong philosophical footing, especially if they have the ear of decision makers in a community.

Lead by example. Never badger. Be confident. Never bicker. Seek private counsel and honor the power of face to face conversations. Talk to people who matter when no one else is listening. Never explode publicly unless it serves a greater interest. Release steam in other ways. The victory that is before us depends on your ability to stay focussed and confident that your side is just and will win that victory by leading with values.

If you can stay focussed on agreement, and put aside the petty squabbles for a season, the common enemy will be vanquished and the perpetrators strung up. The deep state insiders have no idea the harm they have caused themselves by overplaying their hand on this one. America was not ready for the color revolution they attempted to have. Like many technocrats, many collectivists, many communitarians, many deep state insiders, they have something else in common — their eyes are closed. They failed to see that many Americans have something a little different in their spirit. At this late hour, I still believe that to be the case.

These people have incited a mob that will likely not rest without drawing blood. Some of them among the mob are savvy enough to not be fooled again by the distraction and angry enough to do some bad things.

Watch out. May documents be preserved. May justice be done. May no one have reason to sense avoidance of that justice. May the mob calm down satisfied, and may we all calm down in a country far more free than any of us have known in this lifetime.

I hope to never see what would become of this land if satisfactory justice for the crimes of 2020 and beyond is not provided to the increasing blood thirsty, increasingly aggressive, increasingly large mob that has formed.

The 43-year-old, blue collar, happily married, father of five, waiving the Gadsden Flag after church every Sunday on the highway overpass is not who the tyrants of corona communism should fear. I would like to think him a quantity worthy of fear, but I recognize the fury I have seen over and again elsewhere in the political spectrum. You can only lie to a person so many times before he starts to catch on. You can only do that so many times while calling a person “friend,” before that person turns on you.

Accountability Must Be Significant & Complete 

Accountability could look something like this:

1.) Investigation — uncensored, public, citizen-led (as so much good investigation of the internet age tends to be), professionally compiled, peer-reviewed, publicly critiqued, and all critiques publicly responded to.

2.) Prosecution — professionally prosecuted in a fully transparent process, without plea agreements, or deals for anyone involved, but instead brought forward to trial for each and every party as a doggedly fought case in our adversarial system.

3.) Permanent ban from positions of trust, both public and private — this ban need not be governmental, but could even be socially enforced. The KGB of this era must not become the political leadership of the next era. The Brownshirts of this era must not be allowed as teachers of the next era. Permanent social ridicule must be the future of those who led so sociopathically through this era. Never again can they be trusted.

I’m not just advocating for figureheads to end up in jail. Everyone — elected officials, agency heads, judges, legislatures, and career bureaucrats — who helped lead or even implement any of this need to all be subject to investigation and prosecution.

This is where we need to end up: all health mandates stricken — quarantine authority, childhood vaccine mandates, everything public health related needs to be removed, rolled back a century and a half to the founding of the public health industry, an industry which, from its roots seeks to use “health” as an excuse for societal control. While being enemies of free markets, they claim for themselves the victories of capitalism such as indoor plumbing and improved societal sanitation standards.

Your county needs to lay off the entire public health department, top to bottom, and sell the public health building, and only then, after the public health establishment of your county is gone without a trace, only then engage in a study of what to replace them with, if anything.

This must be pursued with the dogged determination of a liberal. This must be pursued with focus. If there is a terror attack on the US, this can’t be distracted from. If there is a foreign war this cannot be distracted from — no matter how important the media assures you one of the many “-stans” located somewhere between France and China are. Slovakistan, Germanistan, Uzbekistan. The real threat is within our borders. 

Nothing can distract from this important period of accountability.

The greatest, most concentrated assault on American liberty ever took place from March 17, 2020 forward. The response to that detail must be proportional — the most massive response ever.

Illegitimate Biden’s, illegitimate Attorney General Merrick Garland says the biggest FBI investigation ever has focussed on the scapegoating of the civilian participants in the January 6 false flag attack. This, the establishment calls, a coup. The real coup began on and around March 17, 2020, when America was given a free trial of corona communism. That coup is the one that needs the proportional response. If you loved your free trial of corona communism and want to see more in the very near future, play the fool and consider it a victory when they hand you back 75% of the rights stolen from you this past two years. If you never want to see this again, take back double, triple, quadruple what was taken from you from the Ides of March 2020. 

Hospitals need to be cleared of doctors, nurses, and administrators who implemented this policy.

Police stations and courts need to be cleared of police officers who enforced mask orders and judges who enforced mask orders.

Schools, churches, businesses, no segment of society should be left unexamined by those who understand the horror of what has taken place.

The guilty will be pointing fingers, saying they were just following orders. Begin making a list of the names of people you interact with or have interacted with who used the morally corrupt Nuremberg defense — “I was just following orders” — while continuing to behave criminally against their fellow man and while going above and beyond with psychotic pleasure. You know who those people are.

After the doctors trials at Nuremberg that followed the conclusion of World War II, formerly trusted doctors were hung. This period of mass casualties cause by our societal and governmental leadership should be no different. 

In your heart, forgive these people. However, if you forget this from a civic perspective, there will never be justice and worse will return. There was never justice for the fabricated AIDS crisis, there was never justice for the vioxx crisis that killed tens of thousands and maybe 100s of thousands. After each crisis, with key actors held un-accountable, the same perpetrators returned visiting a magnified level of harm on society in the next role of trust they were permitted, or sometimes following promotion into an even greater role of trust. That trend goes far beyond pharmaceuticals. If there is not justice, if there is not accountability, more will come and worse will come. 

Dick Cheney Remains Public Enemy #1, The Most Potent Domestic Terrorist Of This Century, Now Being Eclipsed By The Corona Communists 

Of course on the first anniversary of January 6, 2020, Dick Cheney, the key perpetrator of a previous government created global crisis, stood in solidarity with the perpetrators of this government created global crisis. He wants you to pay attention to distraction. He does not want you to look at anything that could be meaningful. War criminals deserve stringing up, petty vandals deserve a slap on the wrist and to be sent home.

Played right, the backlash of corona communism may see Dick Cheney strung up or spending his final days in a prison cell. That is the power of the backlash that may now occur and the uniparty establishment gets that. They do not want liberties clawed back, they do not want “settled” affairs unsettled. 

I, on the other hand, want exactly that, because I know it is one of the only ways to prevent reoccurrences of government perpetrated ills upon the American people. If we don’t win at this juncture and win bigly, expect to see thirty more years of Liz Cheney led, Liz Cheney influenced, deep state crisis, until one of her five children take the reins. Expect the same in hundreds, thousands of dynasties, as an uber-class is formed and the dream of what America could be is destroyed. Will you let that prayed over founding vision be destroyed? Do you understand what is at stake if we cannot capitalize on this window of opportunity and emerge victoriously?

It is not about a face mask. It is not about a vaccine. It is not about lockdown. You are in the midst warfare that goes so far beyond any one of us. It is a warfare we must win:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

And you, my friend, are your neighborhood representative, the vessel of truth, made for a time such as this.

Does it ever feel like everything in your life — every victory, every tragedy, every career move, every odd job, every illness, every hobby, every heartbreak, every proverbial flat tire, every one of the happiest days, every one of the darkest days, every activity or side job that just sort of fell in your lap, or that you decided to take on a whim, are all suddenly lining up to equip you so masterfully with skills that you never thought you would use, let alone to use so seamlessly in conjunction with each other?

You were made for a time such as this. You are here. Do not shrink from the battle.

Then Be Ready For Your Dream List 

Paper Ballots. No central bank. A much larger, much weaker Congress. A federal government 0.1% of the current size. Regulation rolled back to the 1970s, 1920s, 1890s, 1820s, the 1770s?The possibilities of a counter-revolution are limitless and the extremism with which they operate help to establish the far poles that a new America will bounce centrically back from. You are the counter-revolution. We will not yo-yo forever. We will reach a happy medium. If that counter-revolution undoes evil that goes back a century, it will have done future Americans a greater favor than if it only undoes evils that go back to 2019.

Fill in every other blank you want, every opportunity you get to expand liberty. As the pendulum swings back the other way, there will be opportunities for rebuilding how many aspects of life are dealt with.

Think big. Dream big. Act locally though. Act like the smart, prescient, wise person you are and there will be such a dearth of leadership that you will lead in, freeing people from tyranny they never even realized was tyranny. Your actions will feel local but in times such these such actions — in a phenomenon that is beyond my limited understanding to explain, these seemingly simple — local actions, can come to reverberate in a time such as these, in a way that touches all mankind, and for centuries into the future.

That, is the kind of time in which we live.

And What If We Fail To Achieve Accountability?

In the absence of the above level of accountability, there is no justice and we are a few years away, perhaps even a few months away, from round two of this. It will not be corona communism. You can only keep rebranding the flu as something else for so long. It will be some other take over that suits the political class, the technocratic class, the managerial class, and a few other groups that perceive themselves superior to individuals.

We win or we lose. When we win, we need to forever remove the tyrants of corona communism from ever taking a position of authority in the United States of America, whether locally or whether nationally. This is not done with a spirit of vengeance. This is done with a spirit of protection of the public, a spirit of protection of the dream encapsulated in the potential of this land, in the release of its blessing, in a spirit of defense of justice.

All who supported these mandates must never again be allowed a space in a role of authority— that should be the dictum locally and nationally, socially that should be how pressure is applied.

A day will come in which the supporters of these policies can never again be seen as socially redeemable. Spiritually redeemable yes, but socially redeemable never — for the remainder of their lives and careers they must be seen as having a black mark next to their names and reputations for having been tyrants — both petty and grand — during the bad times of corona communism.

Let every man, woman, and child see that, and in his lifetime that child will never repeat it. For generations beyond you will have cemented an impenetrable defense and rallied the lions to stand vigil. With future generations be without troubles? No. But neither will they be without the vigilance it takes to secure liberty. 

They May Run, That Should Not Stop You From Seeking Justice 

Let the tyrants run to a country that will harbor them, let the corona communism bounty hunters pursue them for the rest of their days. But do not let anyone say they are welcome in your neck of the woods, let disrepute follow them all the days of their lives, just like plenty of others who have committed treason or crimes against humanity.

Have your list of who has been most involved.

Have the violations of what they did that was so evil.

Be the truth teller that is so clear about where he stands and is so irrefutable in the strength of his research that you become the local expert in this subject matter.

Be the capable person in your community who others can turn to.

You Will Not Believe How Quickly The Shift Happens, And Some Will Not Be Able To Spot It Until Years Later 

When the shift happens, you will not believe how quickly it will happen. One day the “experts” will be supporting the old regime, the very next day they will be singing a different tune. If allowed, they will effortlessly transition from an expert of the old regime to an expert in the post-crisis world, only to foment another very similar crisis as they did by aiding the implementation of corona communism. I do not expect you to singlehandedly solve allproblems in the world. I do ask you to be dogged in your pursuit of justice for what took place. 

The accountability phase will last seconds, as took place in some post-totalitarian societies, or the accountability phase will last years, as took place and continues to take place in other post-totalitarian societies. People like you and I are the ones capable, in our own spheres of influence, of impacting that.

As you fight the mandates in your own life, as you shift the world around you toward a more free place, I need you to be mindful that sometime soon, that accountability phase will take place, and if you are ready, and have some established relationships and credibility, you will be part of those building the framework for a new America — one in which this will never again be allowed to occur.

Face masks do not prevent the spread of a respiratory virus, face masks are not neutral, face masks are HARMFUL to the wearer and those around the wearer. That is the thesis of Stevo’s science-packed 500+ page, 800+ citation book “Face Masks Hurt Kids.” If you are still wearing a face mask, for any reason, the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson can walk you through how to never wear a mask again and how to live life like a beloved VIP everywhere you go while doing that. Stevo’s articles cover the same, as do his videos and trainings sent to those who signup for his newsletter at

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