‘At First Quietly, Then Much Less Quietly’

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), a branch of the U.S. Department of Defense, was launched in 1971 as the Defense Race Relations Institute (it changed to DEOMI in 1979). But whatever the name, the mandate’s always been the same: pollute the armed forces with propaganda about how America is racist, sexist, “homophobic,” and an all-around evil place filled with Klansmen and Himmlers.

DEOMI employs a trickle-down methodology, indoctrinating base commanders who then pass along the propagandizing to their rank-and-file service members.

In the late 1990s I was asked by a friend of mine, a major in the U.S. Army, to serve as a researcher on a DEOMI booklet about Holocaust revisionism. I took the job because I hoped my presence would help ensure that the publication didn’t falsely label my fellow revisionists as “deniers” (to an extent, I was successful). But also, I really wanted to get a look at DEOMI from the inside, an opportunity few civilians ever secure. And thanks to that familiarity, after Obama became president and DEOMI started to go into indoctrinational hyperdrive, I was able to ferret out some of its wilder schemes.

In 2011, DEOMI launched what it called “Power and Privilege,” an online training seminar that base commanders and their subordinates were required to take. “Power and Privilege” was an unashamed attack on straight white Christian males. There wasn’t even a small attempt to couch the hateful message in softer language. The course proselytized what today everyone knows as critical race theory. But back in 2011, that poison had yet to envelope the entire culture.

Some examples of what the course taught:

You’re “privileged” and thus an oppressor if you believe in “the idea that people fall into two distinct and complementary categories—male and female.”

Christian state holidays are “discriminatory” against non-Christians (this lesson included a graphic of a store window with a sign in it reading “Closed on Christmas Day” and the caption “PRIVILEGED!”).

You’re a racist if you believe, regarding violent crime, that “people of color attack white people too.” No, whites always attack POCs, never the converse.

As for the Great Recession, anyone who claims that “white people had it just as bad as anyone else” is a Nazi.

Speaking of Nazis, the course taught that “Hitler’s death camps claimed the lives of over 65 million people.” That’s the entire WWII death toll, now completely attributed to “Hitler’s death camps.”

Also, you’re a “white privileged racist” if you say “Political correctness rules the universities.”

At the end of each section, commanders and subordinates had to take a quiz to prove that they’d absorbed and could regurgitate the talking points; they could not move on until they properly answered each question. For example, at the end of the “rationalizations” section, course-takers were shown a quote from a white commander in which he states that he has no racism problems in his unit. This was followed by a multiple-choice list of “rationalizations”: Which one does that commander’s statement exemplify?

The correct answer was “denial.”

Once the course was completed, the graduates were given a certificate stating that they were now trained in Power and Privilege ideology and fully qualified to return to base to pass along what they’d learned.

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