Beijing’s New US Envoy Rips Washington Policymakers: “China Is Not The Soviet Union”

Beijing’s New US Envoy Rips Washington Policymakers: “China Is Not The Soviet Union”

China’s new ambassador to the United States in a hard-hitting speech on Wednesday urged that Washington drop its Cold War mentality in its relations with Beijing. Ambassador Qin Gang emphasized that China is “not the Soviet Union” – demanding that US leaders drop this flawed guiding  assumption.

“The Soviet Union’s collapse was its own making. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union had been rigid, corrupt, closed to the outside world, and detached from the people,” Qin said while addressing an event at the National Committee on US-China Relations. “It had been obsessed with arms race and external aggression. As a result, the country’s development halted.”

Amb. Qin Gang

Noting that China is clearly different, he underscored the robust trade relationship with the US is what keeps China strong and growing, saying it remains mutually beneficial.

“China never bets its own future on other countries. We only want to surpass ourselves. We never take surpassing the US as our goal, and we never have the ambition to challenge and displace America, or to seek hegemony in the world,” he said.

“Our two countries should not be enemies, but partners. Over 70,000 American companies have investments in China, and these investments pay well,” he explained. “I believe that both countries can benefit from the development and prosperity of the other side.”

He took the occasion to lash out at Trump administration policies, which “caused serious damage” to the US-China relationship, but also took aim at Biden’s flawed rhetoric of the two countries being in competition to “win the 21st century.” Further Politico reviewed a list grievances leveled at the current administration as follows:

The list of Qin’s grievances ranged from a warning against U.S. support for Taiwan independence to criticism of the Biden administration’s endorsement of a World Health Organization probe into the origins of the coronavirus.

U.S. government restrictions on the operations of blacklisted Chinese telecom equipment firm Huawei and a raft of China-focused draft legislation moving through Congress drew his most concentrated fire.

Qin accused the Biden administration of leveraging “state power to bring down Huawei” and warned that the passage of legislation, including the EAGLES Act and the Innovation and Competition Act of 2021, “will hijack China-U.S. relations and gravely damage America’s own interests.”

He also condemned the US stepped up military activity near China’s coast, while still emphasizing these ‘aggressions’ are ultimately symptomatic of the false Cold War mentality by US policymakers. 

Tyler Durden
Thu, 09/02/2021 – 17:00

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