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Biden Approval Rating Plunges Below Kamala’s; New Gallup Survey Finds

Biden Approval Rating Plunges Below Kamala’s; New Gallup Survey Finds

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President Biden’s approval rating had been limping higher off of late-November (record-drop) lows, but the last week or so, amid mixed messages over mandates and the collapse of the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ narrative, the president’s approval rating has tumbled back down to earth once more.

During this downward deluge of dread-filled doubts about the president’s performance, VP Harris has been doing her ‘fair share’ of dismal attempts to reinvent herself, but has only managed to drive her approval rating down too.

However, as bad as Harris has been doing, the latest Gallup survey shows that President Biden’s approval rating has dropped below that of the VP for the first time (43% approval vs Harris’ 44%).

Gallup has limited trends on these job approval ratings, but it’s noteworthy that Harris’ disapproval rating has increased from 49% to 54%, more ‘disapproved of’ than Biden.

As one would imagine, the results are highly skewed on a partisan basis.

As the Gallup survey shows, all of the establishment leaders in the survey were viewed more positively by Democrats than Republicans, with Harris getting an almost unprecedentedly terrible 7% approvaL from Republicans (and only 42% from Independents).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given his constant clashes with freedom-lovers, Dr. Fauci’s job approval is particularly skewed by party, with a 66-percentage-point gap between Democrats’ (85%) and Republicans’ (19%) ratings.

Finally, it is interesting to note that Chief Justice Roberts is in a unique position as the sole public leader of the 11 evaluated who enjoys majority-level approval from Americans in all party groups. 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 12/29/2021 – 16:40

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