Biden Calls on Schools to Host COVID Vaccination Clinics for Kids 12 and Up + More

Biden Calls on Schools to Host COVID Vaccination Clinics for Kids 12 and Up

Education Week reported:

President Joe Biden called on school districts Thursday to host pop-up clinics in order to get more children 12 and older vaccinated against COVID-19, part of his administration’s new push to increase vaccinations as the Delta variant of the coronavirus spreads.

The president also directed pharmacies participating in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program to prioritize children 12 and older for vaccinations, and also to work with school districts to host vaccination clinics.

CDC Says Vaccinated May Be as Likely to Spread COVID as Unvaxxed, as Reports of Serious Injuries After Vaccines Surge

The Defender reported:

Data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed total reports of serious injuries following COVID vaccination, across all age groups, spiked by 14,717 — to 63,000 — compared with the previous week.

The data comes directly from reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System(VAERS), the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

Every Friday, VAERS makes public all vaccine injury reports received as of a specified date, usually about a week prior to the release date. Reports submitted to VAERS require further investigation before a causal relationship can be confirmed.

CDC Alarmed: 74% Of Cases in Cape Cod Cluster Were Among the Vaxxed

MedPage Today reported:

Breakthrough infections were responsible for three-quarters of COVID-19 cases in an outbreak during large public gatherings on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and nearly all sequenced cases were the Delta variant, researchers found.

Of 469 cases linked to multiple summer events and large summer gatherings in a small town, 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated people, and almost 80% of those cases were symptomatic, reported Catherine Brown, DVM, of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and colleagues.

States Rush to Administer COVID Vaccine Doses Before They Expire

CBS News reported:

Hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses have been saved from the trash after U.S. regulators extended their expiration date for a second time — part of a nationwide effort to salvage expiring shots to battle the nation’s summer surge in infections.

The Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to shot maker Johnson & Johnson on Wednesday declaring that the doses remain safe and effective for at least six months when properly stored. The FDA’s move gives the shots an extra six weeks, as public officials press more Americans to get inoculated.

Similar efforts are taking place in multiple states as public health officials try to ensure that soon-to-expire shots are put into arms before they must be discarded.

The NFL Has Incentivized Getting the COVID Vaccine — So Why Is a Vocal Minority Still So Hesitant? ‘That’s Between Me and the Club.’

The Chicago Tribune via MSN reported:

Ron Rivera remains agitated. “Beyond frustrated,” to use his exact words. A year after contracting squamous cell cancer and battling it into remission, the coach of the Washington Football Team is aware his compromised immune system could make him more vulnerable to COVID-19. Yet as training camp began this week, barely half of Rivera’s players were vaccinated, representing an extreme case of hesitancy in the NFL …

A day later, Buffalo Bills receiver Cole Beasley sat down with reporters at training camp and attempted to explain at least one viewpoint on why some players continue running away from the opportunity to get vaccinated like it’s an angry defender on third down.

Beasley, who has become the megaphone on vaccine resistance in the NFL with a flurry of outspoken social media posts, read from a 403-word statement Wednesday.

‘This Virus Is a Very Powerful Thing’: Fully Vaccinated Cambridge Man Gets COVID Breakthrough Infection

CBS Boston reported:

Jeff Davis says his kids were exposed to COVID-19 at summer camp. Then days later, he tested positive, even though he’s fully vaccinated.

“It’s a challenging time. It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing,” Davis told WBZ-TV Friday.

He is currently in quarantine with a breakthrough case of COVID-19. His two boys, who are too young to be vaccinated, tested positive. Then, on Monday, he tested positive too.

Amid COVID Booster Debate, West Virginia to Check Immunity of Vaccinated Nursing Home Residents

Kaiser Health News reported:

West Virginia raced ahead of the country last winter to get people in nursing homes vaccinated against COVID-19, but with cases and hospitalizations on the rise again, state officials want to know whether immunity levels are falling for residents who had their shots.

Starting in August, the state plans to begin measuring the levels of disease-fighting antibodies in the blood of vaccinated nursing home residents, which could help indicate whether they need a booster shot. The process will be voluntary and the data will be shared with federal health agencies evaluating the need for boosters.

Some experts question the strategy, particularly since the federal government has not yet authorized the extra shots.

Dr. Stella Immanuel, Hydroxychloroquine Advocate, Sues CNN, Anderson Cooper for $100M

Newsweek reported:

The Texas doctor who became famous in 2020 for promoting the use of Hydroxychloroquine [HQC], an anti-malarial drug, as “a cure” for COVID-19 has filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN and CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper in the amount of $100 million.

Dr. Stella Immanuel filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday claiming that, “in an effort to vilify, demonize and embarrass President [Donald] Trump, Cooper and CNN published a series of statements of fact about Dr. Immanuel that injured her reputation and exposed her to public hatred, contempt, ridicule, and financial injury.”

In the suit, Immanuel says Cooper and CNN “effectively caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands whose lives would have been spared if they had been treated early with HCQ.”

Exclusive: Republican Senators Raise Questions After Receiving Unredacted Fauci Email About Wuhan Lab

Washington Examiner reported:

Five Republican senators are questioning why the Department of Health and Human Services redacted a portion of an email between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak, the president of a research organization that worked with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on coronavirus studies before the pandemic. Their inquiry is the latest attempt from the group to get public health agencies to turn over documents related to the way pandemic policies have been set behind the scenes.

The email in question gained widespread attention last month because Daszak, a key figure in research linked to the hypothesis that COVID-19 may have escaped from the Wuhan lab, thanked Fauci for downplaying the likelihood of a lab leak. It also gained attention after being released to media outlets under the Freedom of Information Act because the administration redacted a portion of the email using an exemption reserved for information related to “pending law enforcement proceedings.”

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