Biden Condemns Erdogan’s Gaza Tirade As “Anti-Semitic” & “Reprehensible”

Biden Condemns Erdogan’s Gaza Tirade As “Anti-Semitic” & “Reprehensible”

On Monday Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a fiery speech to supporters which blasted Biden’s “inaction” over the Gaza crisis, addressing Joe Biden to specifically say the US president has “blood on his hands”. He was further reacting to the recent reports that Biden approved a $735 million dollar weapons sale from the United States to Israel, essentially accusing the US of supporting genocide against the Palestinians. Erdogan had also lashed out at Europe, accusing Austria in particular trying to make Muslims “pay the price of their own genocide against the Jews” – after an Israeli flag was seen flying over a federal building. 

In response the State Department has come out swinging, condemning “Erdogan’s recent anti-Semitic comments regarding the Jewish people” which the US finds “reprehensible,” according to State Department spokesman Ned Price on Tuesday.

Some of Erdogan’s rhetoric had included the following: “They are murderers, to the point that they kill children who are five or six years old. They only are satisfied by sucking their blood,” the Turkish president had stated earlier, AFP reported.


Price had further characterized Erdogan’s statements as follows: “Anti-Semitic language has no place anywhere,” the US spokesman continued. “The United States is deeply committed to combatting anti-Semitism in all of its forms. We take seriously the violence that often accompanies anti-Semitism and the dangerous lies that undergird it. We must always counter lies with facts and answer crimes of hate with justice.”

To recap, Erdogan had focused much of the rebuke on the US president personally, saying:

Now, unfortunately, you (Biden) are writing history with your bloody hands with this event (in which) Gaza is being attacked with seriously disproportionate force causing the martyrdom of thousands of people. You have forced us to say this.”

And specifically on the issue of Biden-approved weapons sales to the Jewish state, Erdogan scolded further:

“Today we saw Biden’s signature on weapons sales to Israel,” Erdogan said in reference to US media reports of a new arms shipment approved by the Biden administration.

“Palestinian territories are awash with persecution, suffering and blood, like many other territories that lost the peace with the end of the Ottomans. And you are supporting that,” Erdogan said.

No doubt much of the outrage of Erdogan and his Islamist Justice and Development Party party also stems from the recent formal Biden administration recognition of the Armenian Genocide of last month.

Previously on the campaign trail and since taking office, Biden has further vowed to get tough on Erdogan, while also generally condemning what was widely perceived as Trump and Erdogan’s close relationship, which critics say allowed Turkey to escape well-deserved sanctions and other punitive measures. 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 05/19/2021 – 20:20

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