Biden Jokes About Low Approval Ratings At Correspondents’ Dinner, Says “Some Guy Named Brandon” Is Having A Really Good Year

Biden Jokes About Low Approval Ratings At Correspondents’ Dinner, Says “Some Guy Named Brandon” Is Having A Really Good Year

Amid a star-studded coterie of $350-per-seat-paying celebrities, President Biden poked fun at himself (and was roasted by others) at the revived White House Correspondents’ Dinner as DC’s biggest annual party returned after two years of COVID-19 restrictions.

With remarks from a sitting president for the first time since 2016, Biden commented that “This is the first time the president attended this dinner in six years. It’s understandable, we had a horrible plague – followed by two years of COVID.”

Just imagine if my predecessor came to this dinner this year. Now that would have been a real coup if that occurred,” he added.

As Biden took to the stage he began with some self-reflection:

“Special thanks to the 42 percent of you that actually applauded,” going to mock the reporters present, adding:

“I’m really excited to be here tonight with the only group of Americans with a lower approval rating than I have.”

After joking about his own approval rating and age, Biden took some shots at his Republican colleagues.

“I’m not really here to roast the GOP, that’s not really my style. Besides, there’s nothing I can say about the GOP that Kevin McCarthy hasn’t already put on tape,”

And then the tone turned back to self-deprecating humor once again (at least this confirms he is aware enough to know this is going on?)

“But Republicans seem to support one fella – some guy named Brandon,” he joked about conservatives’ “Let’s Go Brandon” rally cry, to cheers.

“He’s having a really good year, and I’m happy for him.”

Watch President Biden’s full remarks below:

Following Biden’s comments, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah provided the ‘comic relief’ for the evening, roasting the president on inflation, his inability to pass his agenda, and his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan:

“You know, sir, can I just say, I think everyone will agree it’s nice to one again have a president who’s not afraid to come to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and hear jokes about himself? I’ll be honest. I’ll be honest. If you didn’t come I totally would’ve understood. Because these people have been so hard on you, which I don’t get. I really don’t. You know, I think ever since you’ve come into office, things are really looking up. Gas is up. Rent is up. Food is up. Everything.

And as you all know, President Biden’s lack of a filter does get him into hot water sometimes. You know, last month he caused a huge international incident, saying that Vladimir Putin should be removed from power. It was very, very upsetting to Russia. Yeah, until someone explained to them that none of the stuff Biden wants actually gets done.”

While initially appearing to praise Biden for giving voice to underrepresented groups, stating that “no president in my memory has given more marginalized groups opportunities,” Noah, delivered the following punchline:

“I’m talking about women, the LGBTQ community, the Taliban. The list goes on and on.”

Noah concluded with one of the funnier lines of the evening, by saying,

“Please be careful leaving tonight. We all know this administration doesn’t handle evacuations well.”

Watch Noah’s full remarks below:

No masks were in sight anywhere, so it will be interesting to see just how big a ‘super-spreader’ event this will be compared to the widespread infection following the Gridiron Club dinner earlier in the month.

Tyler Durden
Sun, 05/01/2022 – 11:05

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