Biden Taps Merrick Garland For Attorney General

Biden Taps Merrick Garland For Attorney General

Politico reports that Joe Biden has decided to tap Merrick Garland, a federal judge who gained a national profile after being nominated to the Supreme Court by President Obama (before being blocked by Mitch McConnell), to serve as his attorney general.

Garland has long been rumored to be a front runner for the job, even as many of Biden’s supporters pushed him to pick a woman, or a minority, for the role.

According to Politico, Biden selected Garland over former Alabama Sen. Doug Jones and former deputy attorney general Sally Yates (the top choice of both the Emily’s List crowd, as well as delusional Russiagaters). Garland is currently the chief judge of the US Court of Appeals in Washington.

Until today, Jones was viewed as the easiest candidate to get confirmed given his strong relationships across the aisle. But with the GOP facing a sweep in Georgia, those risks have apparently dissipated.

Per Politico, Garland was also considered a risk because of his current job, where he plays a critical role on the court of appeals in Washington DC. Replacing him in that position could also create headaches for Biden.

But at the end of the day, the longstanding relationship between Biden and Garland, which dates back at least to when he was nominated by Biden’s former boss, apparently won out. When Garland was nominated to the Supreme Court back in 2016, Majority Leader McConnell refused to hold hearings, leaving the nomination effectively dead in the water.

Biden is expected to announce his decision on Thursday, when he will unveil his AG pick, along with two other senior DoJ positions, including former homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco as deputy attorney general and former Justice Department civil rights chief Vanita Gupta as associate attorney general.

He had to wait almost four years, but it looks like Garland will finally get that Senate confirmation vote.

Tyler Durden
Wed, 01/06/2021 – 12:17

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