Biden’s Union Push Is A Driver Of Still More Inflation

Biden’s Union Push Is A Driver Of Still More Inflation

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Biden wants more inflation. It’s in everything he says and does…

Biden Puts Union Support at Center of Agenda

The Wall Street Journal reports Biden Puts Union Support at Center of Agenda

President Biden took the stage to promote his $1 trillion infrastructure spending plan after being introduced by a union member, a bus maintenance worker, and quickly made clear who deserved credit for helping get it through Congress, and who would benefit.

“Union, union, union!” Mr. Biden said Wednesday in Kansas City, Mo. “There’s a lot of good and decent people in the financial industry, but they didn’t build the middle class. Unions built the middle class.”

Mr. Biden has rarely missed a chance to highlight his interest in bolstering the U.S. labor movement, including through a slew of provisions in his legislative initiatives. He has toured a union training facility in Michigan and handed out sandwiches to union members in Delaware. When he signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill on the White House lawn, dozens of union members were on hand.

Mr. Biden attracted attention earlier this year when he publicly backed a union drive by Inc. workers in Alabama, who will get a second chance to vote after a federal labor board cited violations in the company’s campaign earlier this year against organizing.

More Inflation is the Center of Biden’s Agenda

The WSJ assessment is accurate but lacking. The article failed to mention the pus for unions is a push for inflation. 

Biden’s Build Back Better plan has a provision requiring contractors to pay prevailing wages to qualify for federal tax incentives on green-energy projects.

Prevailing wages are union wages. Costs of all government projects will soar.

Hypocritically, Build Back Better also has a energy tax credits for cars but only if they are union made. 

The same applies to solar. 

Despite climate change being the “existential threat” of our lifetime, only union solutions are allowed.

That raises the price of cars, solar panels, batteries, everything in fact.

Once the supply chain issue is resolved there is little incentive incentive to on-shore production at much higher costs and risks of walkouts.

Illinois is Insolvent

The state of Illinois is insolvent because of pension plan promises to unions. Those are public not private unions, but Biden wants more unions period. 

Please note Illinois Taxpayers On the Hook for $530 Billion in Unfunded Pension Obligations

Biden’s Big Lie

Biden has the gall to say Build Back Better is not inflationary. Fortunately, Joe Manchin isn’t buying the lie. 

On December 8, I noted Senator Joe Manchin Again Holds Back Support for Build Back Better

“We had people saying inflation would be transitory. We had 17 Nobel Laureates saying it’s going to be no problem. Well, 17 Nobel Laureates were wrong. And now the Fed is even saying it’s not transitory and they are hoping it will reduce,” commented Senator Manchin. 

“And the bottom line is I was concerned then. I said let’s take a strategic pause in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal for that reason.”

Enough Already?!

Isn’t there enough inflation already? 

Apparently not. Biden wants more of it in everything he says and does.

I can hardly wait for the midterms. I expect Democrats will be smashed justifiably.

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