“Biggest Demand Ever” – Americans Spend Big Money On Backyard Pools 

“Biggest Demand Ever” – Americans Spend Big Money On Backyard Pools 

The virus pandemic forced millions of Americans to work remotely. In return, those with economic mobility ditched city life for rural areas. Once they arrived at their new home in suburbs and or rural communities, many could not go on vacation due to the pandemic. As a result, these new homeowners and existing ones opted to install swimming pools in their backyard.

Pool and spa companies across the country are experiencing unprecedented demand with massive backlogs of orders to build backyard swimming pools. 

“This is the biggest demand we’ve ever seen for our products in recent memory,” Randy Budd, owner of Budd’s Pools & Spas in Woodbury, New Jersey, told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Budd warned the “industry experiencing unprecedented shortage in every component almost of what we sell and build while the demand is there.”

NYPost reports “new focus on suburban living” has increased the demand for pools in the tri-state area, but due to skyrocketing commodity prices, labor shortages, and cost of materials, average pool costs have surged. 

Glen Baisley, the marketing director of Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, whose work includes construcing pools in the Hudson Valley and Fairfield County in Connecticut, told NYPost that the average pool cost is $85k this year versus $60k to $65k in 2019. 

Across the Northeast, mainly in suburbs and rural towns, pool companies are experiencing months and months of backlogs for orders. Some pool companies are even reporting a couple of years of backlogs due to impressive demand. 

Anthony & Sylvan Pools in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, has huge waiting list of customers requesting a backyard pool. Tom Casey, Anthony & Sylvan’s vice president of sales, told The Inquirer that “hundreds” of people are waiting for a pool to be built. 

“It’s a very personal thing for folks for why they find themselves in the market,” Casey said. “The COVID restrictions have thrust a bunch of people into that space where they weren’t there before. … People still don’t feel quite confident in taking some of those vacations and are still inquiring in great numbers about backyard swimming pools.”

CNBC reports retailers and distributors such as Leslie’s and Pool Corp. are capitalizing on the rapidly increasing pool supply market as the backyard pool industry has become a big moneymaker. 

COVID has transformed the way people work, travel, and enjoy luxuries – all of these things are now revolving around the home in the suburbs. 

Tyler Durden
Fri, 07/09/2021 – 20:40

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