Bill Gross’s Feud With His Neighbor Is A Cockroach That Just Won’t Die

Bill Gross’s Feud With His Neighbor Is A Cockroach That Just Won’t Die

If you’re wondering what, exactly, Bill Gross and his wife have decided to take on as a hobby during their “retirement”, we might know. It appears the Gross household has made it the family’s life work to bicker with their neighbor, Mark Towfiq, until the end of time.

That’s because the feud you may have foolishly thought ended with a court decision back in December 2020 has once again reignited, with Gross’s wife, Amy, claiming that Towfiq has “driven her from her oceanfront home,” according to Bloomberg

Amy Gross and Bill Gross 

“I fear going into my backyard. I couldn’t have my wedding reception there. I couldn’t have my birthday there,” the former tennis pro told Bloomberg. 

The couple has once again found themselves in court after neighbor Towfiq asked a judge to find them in violation of a court order handed down in December that says the family can’t play music loudly when they are not outdoors. 

Carol Nakahara, Towfiq’s wife, testified: “I thought this was over. What else are we supposed to do?”

But Gross’ wife insists she’s the victim, stating she needs to announce every time she’s out back of her own home so the neighbors don’t call the police. She testified: “I’m being monitored 24-7 inside my home. I’m very frustrated.”

The sculpture and net on left, and the yards in question / Bloomberg

Gross and Towfiq have a feud that’s as inane as it is lengthy. It was thought to have culminated in December of 2020, when Gross lost a lawsuit after Trowfiq and his wife sued the billionaire bond king over what court documents described as a coordinated campaign of harassment intended to coerce the couple into dropping a nuisance complaint involving a lawn statue and safety net owned by Gross.

Gross also sued for installing cameras on his property. Towfiq initially sued for psychological distress, arguing that Gross subjected him to a form of “torture” for refusing to simply drop his complaint to the town about Gross’s lawn sculpture.

Gross has a history of high-profile feuds, including with his ex-wife, whom he terrorized with fart spray and old fish. And that was before he retired from his day job as a portfolio manager at Janus Henderson.

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Wed, 09/22/2021 – 23:40

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