CA Lawmaker Mocked After After Finding “Semi-Automatic” Glock Packaging — For BB Gun

CA Lawmaker Mocked After After Finding “Semi-Automatic” Glock Packaging — For BB Gun

A California lawmaker demonstrated why liberals are totally unqualified to opine on the 2nd Amendment, much craft legislation restricting citizens’ rights.

In a now-deleted tweet, California Assemblyman David Chiu dramatically posted: “Finding the discarded packaging of a semi-automatic on a leisurely weekend walk was disturbing, particularly during this month’s surge of gun violence in San Francisco.”

Except… if David had maybe looked at the packaging, he would have noticed it’s for a .177 caliber C02 powered BB gun.

The replies, as expected, were hilarious before Chiu deleted the tweet.

Reading is hard.

— The Funcooker (@ActaNonVerba) May 23, 2021

I feel your pain. I found this “weapon of war” carelessly discarded on my walk. There was even ammunition with it. What would have happened if a child found this. Imagine the horror. I’m a hero.

— Pedo Hunter (@Leprechaun73) May 23, 2021

If that’s a semi-automatic, is this a full-automatic?

— Libertarian Party of Texas (@LPTexas) May 23, 2021

Found this at my childs Sunday school playground. Shakes me to my core.

— PpStevE (@stev_pp) May 23, 2021

Worse still, I found some ammo for it just laying of the ground.

— Beorn (@Beorn2000) May 23, 2021

And for the uninitiated: 

This is not how pistols are packaged.
Something you should known if you are trying to legislate them, but typing “Glock 19 Packaging” into Google would have told you.

Or, you know, reading the item you found before just posting on Twitter.

This is how a Glock is packaged.

— ZMan941 (@ZMan941x) May 23, 2021

Tyler Durden
Sun, 05/23/2021 – 21:00

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