Catcall and Response

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a refugee from Islamic Somalia’s maltreatment of women, asks in her important book Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women’s Rights why few feminists dare mention the ongoing diminishment of the basic female freedom to walk down the streets of Europe unharassed by the ever-growing numbers of young Muslim louts. She notes:

…even as individual women in the West hold the offices of prime minister and president, managing director and chief executive officer, women’s rights at the grassroots are under increasing pressure from imported notions of female subordination. Worse, many of today’s female leaders in the West are doing little or nothing to stop this turning back of the clock on gender equality.

But who cares about the fates of the European equivalent of deplorables? Hirsi Ali points out:

Most of the crime and misconduct against women takes place in low-income neighborhoods…. And somehow, in the era of #MeToo, their predicament arouses much less sympathy than that of Hollywood actresses subjected to sexual harassment by predatory producers.

We live in an age obsessed with sniffing out the most trivial and/or absurd threats to the self-perceived safety of protected classes. For example, in an essay denouncing Dr. Seuss, New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow announced:

Some of the first cartoons I can remember included Pepé Le Pew, who normalized rape culture…

The optimistically amorous but foul-smelling and perpetually frustrated French skunk has indeed been canceled from a return gig in Warner Bros.’ Space Jam franchise with LeBron James.

Meanwhile, in real-life France, working-class women are losing their freedom to leave the house due to Muslim hooligans feeling ever more entitled to catcall and paw at women they deem dressed immodestly by the standards of the Iron Age cultures they brought with them. Hirsi Ali quotes a prominent Egyptian lawyer declaring in 2017:

“I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her.”

As she points out, it’s hard to blame discrimination by Europeans for the bad behavior of Muslim migrants when they do much the same things at home, such as gang-rape CBS News correspondent Lara Logan while she was reporting from Cairo in 2011.

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