US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media

November 11, 2020 | Unlimited Hangout |

British and American state intelligence agencies are “weaponizing truth” to quash vaccine hesitancy as both nations prepare for mass inoculations, in a recently announced “cyber war” to be commanded by AI-powered arbiters of truth against information sources that challenge

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UK Police Chief Says Cops Plan To Break Up Christmas Celebrations Defying Lockdown Rules, Fears Move Could Spark Civil Unrest

Activist Post |
October 28, 2020 |
By Joe Jankowski |

A UK police chief has stated that cops will break up Christmas celebrations that defy government COVID-19 lockdown rules, a decision he fears could spark civil unrest.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson told the TelegraphRead more...

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States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions

Thinking about leaving your state (MI NY CA OR) run by petty dictatorial fascist dicks called “Governors”? This may help you choose a better place to live where Freedom is valued over Tyranny.

Source: WalletHub


More to consider:

How Free Is Your State? The Nation’s Most Libertarian States more...

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Lies are being presented as the truth to justify a police state.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr – Historic Speech in Berlin | Berlin invites Europe

The Truth About the August 1st Anti-Lockdown Protests in Berlin

1.3 million counted (RT-PCR) tests have been removed from the official government total because they were counted twice.

According to renowned Swiss

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Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

Visit these links for the full article and attributed quotes of the experts cited below.

As well updated on July 2020

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
(Microbiologist, professor Johannes Gutenberg University, head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene)

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (Physician, Pulmonologist, Former chairman of … Read more...

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July 4th is for Freedom NOT COVID-1984 Slavery

Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy

Controlled research study shows fabric masks increase infection.

Controlled study shows fabric masks are NOT recommended

Problems caused by wearing masks

Fabric masks increase infection rates

Masks increase risk of infection

WHO states

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Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

Rashid A. Buttar, graduated from Washington University with a double major in Biology and Theology,before attending medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery.

Follow Dr. Rashid A. Buttar:
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Twitter Censors Alternative Media and Activist

Are you shaddowbanned?

Check here:

Here is a list of suspend accounts on Twitter, complied by
Tareq Haddad @Tareq_Haddad.

I’ve compiled some of the links to active sites for those accounts banned by Twitter.








@LandDestroyer more...

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Is the Coronavirus Pandemic a Bio-Weaponized 9/11?

With the recent unfolding of the Coronavirus pandemic I have gathered up a few links on articles investigating the origins to the Virus (if it is one) to various bio lab facilities, and linkages to EMF and 5g overexposure. These viewpoints have been called “outrageous” by the mainstream narrative propagators, … Read more...

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