Despite U.S. Denials… Kiev Regime Hasn’t Gone Rogue With Strikes on Moscow – It’s an Obedient Cat’s Paw

Moscow’s dilemma is how to show its Western aggressor that playing with fire means getting burned – without inciting a catastrophic Third World War.

If the United States and its NATO lackeys really wanted to avoid a direct war with Russia, then they know what to do: stop arming the … Read more...

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Mission Creep: ‘Disease X’

Hot on the heels of the Covid Emergency being declared over, The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) issued a call for eternal vigilance against future viral invasions  forecasting that  “future outbreaks of ‘Disease-X’ are inevitable.”

Echoing this Cassandra-esque pronouncement WHO director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, at the recent … Read more...

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What Happened to CDC Libertarians?

On May 11, the Biden-Harris administration allowed the Covid-19 public health emergency to expire and ended the Covid-19 vaccine requirements for federal employees, federal contractors, Head Start educators, and international air travelers. The administration’s restrictions and vaccination campaign supposedly slowed “the spread of new variants entering the country” and “saved … Read more...

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The Anatomy of an Insane State; Rise of the Hoodies

The Invisible;

State media has created a deadly atmosphere of fear/stress and an obvious culture of insanity….where people are dehumanized, demoralized, depressed, diseased and hopeless…Set aside your microscopes, fire your doctors and look at the power of the mind! Feisty self-activated individuals can survive extreme situations where others fall away…They … Read more...

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The Bankruptcy Caravan Is Now Arriving: Time To Pay for the Easy Money

The character Mike Campbell in Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises was asked about his money troubles and responded with a vivid description embracing self-contradiction: “‘How did you go bankrupt?’ Bill asked. ‘Two ways,’ Mike said. ‘Gradually and then suddenly.’”

Ground-hugging interest rates for more than a decade … Read more...

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How To Cancel Woke U

It should not shock anyone, except for perhaps Rip Van Winkle, and even he should have long ago stopped his slumber, that our universities are now intellectual cesspools.  Political correctness, wokeism, DIE, cultural and economic Marxism, Black History Month, affirmative action, anti-racism, allyship, non-colorblind, hetero-normativity, trigger warnings, cultural appropriation reign … Read more...

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