Chicago Homicide Crisis Worsens As Mayor Lightfoot Fails To Quell Violence

Chicago Homicide Crisis Worsens As Mayor Lightfoot Fails To Quell Violence

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s promise to reduce an epidemic of gun violence has failed miserably, new crime statistics published by the Chicago Police Department shows.

The liberal mayor’s performance in office has been disappointing, and there’s growing discontent among Chicagoans as gun violence spirals out of control. 

On Monday, police data showed 678 people in Chicago were murdered between Jan.1 and Oct. 31. That’s higher than the past four years: 

2020: 661 murders

2019: 432 murders

2018: 490 murders

2017: 583 murders

One of the most violent years in the city was 2016, when 762 homicides were recorded, the most in two decades. There’s a possibility that homicides this year could come close to 2016’s. This October, there were only 59 homicides, ten less than last year’s. The reason for a decline is that violent crime trends lower into the fall/winter months. 

The number of shootings continues to accelerate. At least 3,766 people have been shot between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31. In 2020, that number was 3,443, in 2019 about 2,221, and 2018 around 2,465. The data showed 356 people were shot last month, one of the most violent Octobers in years. 

Some of the most dangerous neighborhoods include Austin, North Lawndale, Auburn-Gresham, West Garfield Park, West Pullman, South Shore, Roseland, Near West Side, South Lawndale, and Washington Heights.


A poll from August shows 46% of Chicagoans disapprove of the job Lightfoot is doing as mayor. Her promise to reduce violent crime isn’t working as shootings are sporadically happening around the city. 

There are rolling shootouts between gangs on local roadways and neighborhoods – similar to a third-world country. 

Another typical night in the neighborhood. This will keep happening as long as criminals feel there is no consequences for their actions. The only difference between the old Wild Wild West instead of horses they now use vehicles.

— Jaime M Andrade, Jr. (@AndradeRep40) October 31, 2021

“They’re shooting at any time of the day,” said state Rep. Jaime Andrade (D-Chicago).

Lightfoot’s inability to reign in the violence as gang members terrorize the city suggests things will only get worse. 

Only this week, Lightfoot caved to the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, who recently warned that vaccine mandates could shrink the police force by 50%. The last thing the mayor needs is a mass exodus of officers. 

Tyler Durden
Sun, 11/07/2021 – 12:30

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