Citron Research Says “Hacking Attempts” Interrupted Livestream Detailing GameStop Short

Citron Research Says “Hacking Attempts” Interrupted Livestream Detailing GameStop Short

Andrew Left of Citron Research took to Periscope yesterday to try and layout his short thesis on GameStop, which he claims is going back to $20 per share. 

But instead of completing his video informing the public of his investment thesis, Left found out first hand the “madness of crowds” when he set off many GameStop bulls in the WallStreetBets subreddit, who took to the web to make pests of themselves during his video. 

Left was then forced to stop his stream, explaining on Twitter that too many people were trying to access his Twitter account at the time. Twitter locked his account as a precaution, Bloomberg reported Thursday night, and eventually had to work with Left to get it reinstated. 

“Too many people hacking Citron twitter, will record and post later today. $GME going to $20 buy at your own risk,” Left tweeted mid-day on Thursday. 

Left took to YouTube later in the day to finish the video he had started. “I’ve never seen such an exchange of ideas of people so angry about someone joining the other side of a trade,” he said.

“This is a failing mall based-retailer,” Left starts by saying. 

“You can get mad, you can hack my account, you can go to Twitter, you can sign on and call me every name – but if you wanna save the company, go out there and actually buy something from GameStop. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to save the company. Other than that, the more you buy, I’m sure there will be supply on the other side,” Left concludes. 

You can watch Left’s full video explanation of his GME thesis here:  

Tyler Durden
Fri, 01/22/2021 – 08:12

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