CNBC’s Cramer Declares “Government Has A Right To Force You To Obey”

CNBC’s Cramer Declares “Government Has A Right To Force You To Obey”

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer has taken his personal vaccine mandate zeal a step further by declaring to his audience that “the government has a right to force you to obey.”

Cramer made the statement on Twitter:

government has a right to force you to obey and has always exercised it especially under GOP

— Jim Cramer (@jimcramer) December 15, 2021

Needless to say, the backlash was swift:

I missed the “right to force you to obey” in the Constitution but go off.

— Karol Markowicz (@karol) December 15, 2021

Governments do not have rights. Only individuals have rights. Rights emerge from properties inherent to our existence, their source is our humanity, and they are fundamental to the nature of our being. Rights cannot be granted by government because they preexist all governments.

— Libertarian Party NV (@lpnevada) December 15, 2021

You came out as a fascist a while ago, but I guess this is a more blatant way of admitting it

— Lauren Chen (@TheLaurenChen) December 15, 2021

My grandparents were sent to work & extermination camps Jimbo. It was legal. The government had a “right” to force them to obey, they stole their guns first.

All it took was little fuckers like you, gladly opening the cattle car doors, for them and doing the dirty work.

— Peter ⚒ Spina | Gold & Silver Maximalist (@goldseek) December 15, 2021

Actually, the U.S. is based on the principle of individual rights, and the idea that the individual is the basic unit of moral and political value. Individuals delegate political power to the gov’t *to protect them from the initiation of force.* Opposite of your theory.

— Josh Kohn (@JoshuaKohn11) December 15, 2021

“Government had a right to do this.” That’s your position?

— The Notorious Jamie Niles (@Jamie_Niles) December 15, 2021

In a follow up tweet, Cramer accused anyone who opposes government COVID vaccine mandates of being “pro-polio”:

If you were REQUIRED to get the Polio vax 3 times in 1 year, and you still got polio, wouldn’t you be asking questions too?

— Phillip (@phancyphill) December 16, 2021

The host previously called for the U.S. military to forcibly inoculate the American people with the COVID injection.

“Until the federal government gets serious and starts requiring vaccinations nationwide, you better get used to more Covid variant freakouts like we had last Friday,” Cramer claimed, referring to the Black Friday market dip in response to hysterical reporting about the “Omicron” variant.

“They represent our sorry, no good, all-our-fault future. And it will keep being our fault until our leaders stop bending over backward for the not-so-conscientious objectors,” Cramer added.

Tell me you just bought a metric buttload of Pharma stock without telling me you just bought a metric buttload of Pharma stock.

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) November 30, 2021

During the segment, Cramer also said he believes that the unvaccinated should be dragged into courts and forced to defend their “conscientious objector” status.

He also blasted Biden’s vaccine mandates as “toothless”, arguing that they don’t go far enough and that he would like to see government operating vaccine pushes through “talk shows”.

“We haven’t centralized the issue to the point where the White House actually seems to take responsibility. We’d see. First was the CDC, then the FDA, the National Institutes of Health, mostly coordinating policy through talk shows,” Cramer declared.

He continued, “Then we left vaccination policy to individual companies. Now it’s toothless OSHA going back and forth on what’s allowed in factories, but nobody with any power saying the frontline workers need to be vaccinated. It’s just plain wrong, and most of us are sick of it.”

Finally he proclaimed that “Even as a vocal, anti-vax minority is always grabbing the mic, this charade must end. The government must require vaccinations,” adding “Not of this group or that group, not company by company, not cruise ship by cruise ship, or airline by airline or governor by governor. The buck stops at the White House.


Is it any wonder no one watches these shows anymore?

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