Conference Overview

In May of 2010 the Understanding Deep Politics conference brought together ten distinguished speakers and hundreds of concerned citizens for the purpose of challenging the mainstream perceptions of political reality and to reveal the hidden forces behind many widely accepted historical and current events. This website is a record of that event which contains many of the videos, and documents produced at the time.

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About the Video

The Understanding Deep Politics conference video was recorded by at the University Inn, Santa Cruz, CA May 14-16, 2010. Videography by, Post Production by Chronos Media & Film. UDP 2010 Conference DVD’s can still be purchased from

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Background of Conference

This conference is the result of early seed funding and an entirely volunteer effort ( of hundred of hours ) by dozens of people. The conference was in the works for over 18 months, and coordinated by four members of a volunteer organizing committee of independent activists. These individuals came together with the hopes of creating a significant international conference to address the challenging knowledge each had discovered about the many widely unknown truths of our history and times.

Our Speakers
Michael Parenti
Dahlia Wasfi
David Ray Griffin
Peter Dale Scott
Peter Phillips
Barrie Zwicker
Annie Machon
Ian Crane
Jim Marrs
Ellen Brown

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Understanding Deep Politics