COVID ‘Blood On His Hands’: Biden ‘Kills’ More Americans Than Trump

COVID ‘Blood On His Hands’: Biden ‘Kills’ More Americans Than Trump

“We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science – not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency,” Biden said in February 2020.

President Biden may not recall what he said during a 2020 campaign debate last fall, but Americans should:

“Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

At the time the U.S. had recorded 220,000 Covid deaths.

“If the president had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive,” Mr. Biden said last fall.

So, what happened when Joe-Biden-The-Science-Guy stepped in? Things went just a little bit turbo…

So as the year draws to an end, what are the scores of the doors…

352,000 Americans died of/from COVID in 2020 under Trump (without vaccines available).

474,000 American died of/from COVID in 2021 under Biden (with vaccines available)

Mission unaccomplished!

As WSJ notes, we recount all this not to blame Mr. Biden for this year’s Covid deaths. The truth last year and this year is that the virus is impossible for any politician to control, much less eliminate.

Mr. Biden used the illusion he could vanquish the virus to win election, and he is now paying a political price because he hasn’t.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 12/30/2021 – 15:43

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