“COVID Zero” New Zealand Has Completed Its Transformation Into A Full-Blown Police State

“COVID Zero” New Zealand Has Completed Its Transformation Into A Full-Blown Police State

Authored by Jordan Schachtel via ‘The Dossier’ substack,

New Zealand, the last of the dedicated “COVID Zero” nations on earth, has completed its transformation into a full-blown tyrannical regime, and shockingly, it has come with the consent of the vast majority of Kiwis.

A poll conducted by Kantar and published by The New Zealand Herald shows 85 percent of Kiwis support the elimination goal, compared with 13 percent arguing to “live with” the virus.https://t.co/UKY9gSsQ4F

— Trötter (@Trtter6) September 2, 2021

Once hailed as the media and “public health experts’” favorite COVID-19 managerial “success story,” the puff pieces have been increasingly hard to find, as Wellington has spawned a dystopian concoction of insane, despotic government edicts, claimed as an absolutely necessary part of their everlasting fight against a disease with a 99.8% recovery rate.

Exclusive: Dr Anthony Fauci on why NZ ‘rose to the top’ in Covid battle https://t.co/c6FHHWGbja pic.twitter.com/RBAHaltFWA

— nzherald (@nzherald) December 6, 2020

Just observe what has happened in the Five Eyes partner nation during this week alone:

1) Virtually the entire country is once again under an indefinite lockdown, after a few COVID-19 cases were reported throughout the nation.  A single case necessitates a “snap lockdown,” in which all rights of millions of citizens are immediately restricted and indefinitely subject to the containment of a seasonal respiratory disease. The current lockdown has been extended over Auckland until at least mid September, with many predicting a much lengthier sentence. According to past precedent, Kiwis will not receive their freedom back until — this is the truly insane part of Zero COVID — there is zero community spread of COVID-19.

And the second another case pops up on the radar, the entire country goes back to square one of the Zero COVID protocol.

Covid 19 coronavirus Delta outbreak: Auckland lockdown could last ‘three to four weeks’, expert says, via @nzherald https://t.co/y5dK7T0Bm5

— Nino Brodin (@Orgetorix) September 2, 2021

2) A man is being shamed by his countrymen for having the audacity to “escape” from a government-sanctioned COVID internment camp. The camps have been described in a more positive, but false light by the press and government officials as “quarantine hotels,” but it is most certainly an internment facility, as leaving is not allowed, and it carries a fine and lengthy prison sentence.

The Hill reported: “The person was charged with failing to comply with New Zealand’s coronavirus health order. Under a new law passed last year, he could face a fine or up to six months in jail if convicted.”

Man facing charges after escaping quarantine hotel in New Zealand https://t.co/6pzI6x3aTF pic.twitter.com/85iHWJICrc

— The Hill (@thehill) September 2, 2021

3) The country’s police and military services are installing security checkpoints throughout New Zealand in an effort to make sure citizens are not traveling during the lockdown. Freely traveling during the lockdown now carries a massive fine and/or prison sentence as punishment.

Police set up checkpoints across Auckland to prevent non-essential travel as New Zealand recorded 75 new cases of COVID-19. Auckland will remain in a strict level 4 lockdown for another two weeks, but restrictions for the rest of the country were loosened https://t.co/9BC92LkTRq pic.twitter.com/qipRa7dxds

— Reuters (@Reuters) September 1, 2021

Police checkpoints in Auckland as New Zealand records 75 new Covid cases https://t.co/Rt9ZZhtPba pic.twitter.com/m2Lg343WbU

— City A.M. (@CityAM) September 1, 2021

New Zealand is now the only country in the world left that is dedicated to COVID Zero, the pursuit of the total elimination of a virus from their nation, which has been under a government-sanctioned self-siege since the beginning of 2020. All of the other nations that attempted to pursue the pseudoscience behind COVID Zero have failed in catastrophic fashion. New Zealand has transformed from a highly-touted COVID “success story” to a full-fledged house of horrors, and sadly, there is no end in sight to the ongoing madness.

Tyler Durden
Wed, 09/08/2021 – 23:00

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