Cry-Babies In Search Of Meaning

Cry-Babies In Search Of Meaning


It used to be the family, but nowadays young people delay having a family or do not want to have one at all.

It used to be the struggle for mere survival, but nowadays the affluent state takes good care of anybody, so you do not need to work at all.

It used to be patriotism, but – again – the word has been tarnished and replaced with the negatively charged nationalism.

It used to be the strong sense of identity, but then European identities are frowned upon to say the least and European people are made to feel guilty and ashamed of themselves.

It used to be the care about religious salvation, hence a preoccupation with a virtuous life, but Christianity has died out.

For all the vacuum that has been created, man needs a purpose, man needs meaning.

This purpose, this meaning has been duly suggested to the young, and these are:

[1] environment protection – climate change – sustainable development;

[2] veneration of non-Europeans – migrations – anti-racism, and

[3] gender mainstreaming.

Yes, these goals have been whispered into the ears of the impressionable minds, then reinforced and eventually imposed by the three powerful tools that shape the human mind: education, media and entertainment.

Why do we say that these goals are by no means spontaneous but have been suggested?

Simply, because they are all recognized, endorsed and backed by governments, mainstream media and main organizations. On the other hand, the things that have disappeared – patriotism, religious salvation, the family – are glossed over, critiqued, ridiculed or banned as topics of acceptable conversation.

Make a thought experiment like this one: students cut classes and instead join street demonstrations in support of environment protection (Fridays For Future). Do you think the students will be expelled from school? Perhaps they will be disciplined otherwise? No, you don’t think so.

Now picture to yourself the same students cutting school for the purpose of joining a demonstration against the ever rising numbers of immigrants. The school authorities would be very quick to act. You know they would. The students would be denounced as insensitive, xenophobic racists and what not. How about media coverage? Well, those protesting against environment pollution would receive warm attention. The few comments pointing to the controversies of such actions would only serve the purpose of making the reader, listener or viewer believe that the protesters are evaluated objectively. How about those who would dare to express their indignation at the changing ethnic composition of the society they live in? Do you think they would be spared any harsh criticism?

The three pillars of today’s white man’s civilization – environment protection, veneration of non-Europeans, and gender mainstreaming – fit the definition of a religion. Reason need not apply. The more things become topsy-turvy, the more they are “rationalized” by university authorities and… protected by law. Dissenting opinion is labelled as hate speech, fake news or conspiracy theories, so now young, impressionable minds are on the hunt for haters, climate change deniers and rednecks. They have the religious fervour of their forefathers. They have something to believe in, they have someone to fight against, they have their set of virtues tro be practised and their list of sins to be avoided. Young impressionable minds, to repeat the epithet, will not devote themselves to engineering, the sciences or economy. These are too demanding, too rational, with no use for fancy language offered by gender studies, race critical theory or sustainable economy. These leave no room for nonsense language of equality or equity, for “building bridges” and tearing “down walls”. These branches of knowledge teaches us that the world is founded on conflict, inequality, on the complementing feelings of likes and dislikes, of love and hate with many shades of the two in between. A world without conflict is unthinkable but try telling it to all those snivelling young women and sissy men who have lost contact with reality and live in the substituted world that is impressed on their minds through the triad of the media, education and entertainment.

Communists in the Soviet Union and later in Eastern Europe, China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Cuba also came up with new dogmas for young people to follow. Equality or equity – whichever term you prefer – were also among them. Nothing new under the sun. One of the dogmas of the communist bosses was to deprive the peasantry of their plots of land by forcing them to unite in agricultural production communities. No need to say that peasants resisted the idea very strongly. In response, the communists would brainwash young people and then send them to particular villages where their task was to agitate among the dwellers for the idea of giving up on their property. Of course, all this was done in the name of the future happiness of the whole nation and then humankind. Those who resisted were classified as enemies of the people and their lives were made miserable. Not infrequently schools managed to turn children’s minds against the world view of their parents. Young sons and daughters would preach to their fathers and mothers about the advantages of the new socialist economy. Does that not evoke the picture of Greta Thunberg?

Socialist economy failed on all counts. Individuals who saw that coming right from the start were denounced as wicked or evil as are the individuals who dare to dissent from the three dogmas listed above. They, too, see what is coming. Not that they are exceptionally brilliant minds. All they do is use common sense coupled with but a cursory knowledge of the past and reality.

Tyler Durden
Tue, 07/13/2021 – 22:45

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