Cuomo: NY Ready To Ease Pandemic Restrictions After Holiday Spike

Cuomo: NY Ready To Ease Pandemic Restrictions After Holiday Spike

In more news that would have been impossible before January 20, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is now planning to ease coronavirus restrictions in some parts of the state after the ‘holiday spike’ in COVID-19 cases, and will announce changes to the state’s pandemic cluster zones soon, according to

Cuomo’s anticipated announcement follows the Democratic strongholds of California and Illinois, which announcing similar measures over the last several days.

I think we’re at a new place now,” said Cuomo. “And we can start to adjust that valve and start to open up more economic activity and reduce some of the restrictions.”

For example, elective surgeries will be able to resume in Erie County. “But, don’t get cocky with Covid,” Cuomo warned.

Hospitalizations, new cases and the statewide percentage of people testing positive for the coronavirus are all improving, Cuomo said during a press conference in Buffalo. The state did indeed see spike during the holiday season, but the surge appears to be slowing.

Cuomo didn’t give further details on what type of restrictions he might loosen or what cluster zones might be eliminated or changed. The state Health Department is reviewing data on the zones now and Cuomo said expects to have announcements in the coming days. –

New York launched their ‘cluster zone’ strategy in the fall, which mandates lockdown restrictions based on a color-coded guide; yellow, orange and red – much like other ridiculed government  threat indicators.

Most New York suburbs have been living under yellow and orange zone restrictions, the latter of which banned gyms, hair salons and barbers from operating. Schools which fell in orange zones were initially required to employ remote learning, while restaurants were barred from indoor dining.

Those rules were predictably written in sand, however, as the state began to allow schools to resume in-person instruction with extra testing – followed by gyms, barbers and salons. Just weeks ago, orange zone restaurants across the state were allowed to resume indoor dining on a temporary basis, while yellow zone restaurants are limited to four people per table.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 01/25/2021 – 14:54

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