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Declining Birth Rates Post-Covid Vaccines – Is it Time To Panic?

In the last few weeks, vaccine skeptics have reported data from multiple countries showing a significant drop in birth rates starting in early 2022 – approximately nine months after mass Covid vaccinations began in people of reproductive age in those countries.

It is worth noting that these are the smart skeptics, not the 5G conspiracy theorists. (It is also worth noting the 5G types have largely disappeared from the conversation. The mRNA vaccine data on side effects and efficacy are now so bad that reasonable people have scary enough concerns to crowd out the crazies.)

Here’s the most recent major data dive, from the analyst who calls himself the bad cat. He examines data on Swedish births from the first quarter of 2021 and concludes:

i think this makes the case that sweden is just experiencing normal variability look very weak and the the case for a vaccine driven effect look quite strong.

that is NOT what i was hoping to find. if this is what it looks like, this is very bad news.

Swedish birth rate data: what does it really show us?

Declining births alongside rising all-cause deaths in the mRNA-vaccinated countries? That’s gotta be a conspiracy theory. Can’t be true, can it? Can’t possibly be something that a couple of Substackers and no one else would report? Major news outlets would be all over this, they would have to be.

Or not.

(The Dutch, admirably direct:)


The rise in all-cause non-Covid deaths has now lasted more than six months in many mRNA-vaccinated countries and been entirely ignored by the elite media. (American data are messier, and the United States has terrible a opioid epidemic that makes the numbers even harder to parse.)

Rising deaths are scary. But a sharp decline in birth rates would be truly apocalyptic, and give rise to the worst fears of vaccine conspiracy theorists.

So is the drop in fertility in 2022 real?

The short answer appears to be yes. Several countries have experienced a drop in births in this year. Like the rise in deaths, the decline in births is relatively small on an absolute basis – on the order of 10 percent in Sweden in the first three months of 2022, for example – but large on a relative basis.

In other words, because fertility generally does not change much year-to-year, a 10 percent decline is very large by historical standards.

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