DHS Spends $700,000 In Taxpayer Money To Study “Extremism In Video Gaming”

DHS Spends $700,000 In Taxpayer Money To Study “Extremism In Video Gaming”

As many Americans are well aware, the narrative surrounding what constitutes “extremism” or “terrorism” is ever evolving.  The focus of the DHS used to be foreign threats including Islamic extremism.  If you are old enough to remember the early 2000s, many people were warning back then that the constitutional trespasses being developed in the name of fighting Al-Qaeda would one day be flipped around on the American people. 

And here we are…

Today, the DHS is far more interested in “domestic extremism,” and their definition is particularly focused on anyone that expresses conservative ideals and constitutional principles.  Almost no attention is paid to the political left, despite the fact that it was leftists that caused billions of dollars in property damage across the US during the BLM riots. 

By extension, leftists have taken an obsessive interest in controlling entertainment media and using these platforms to spread their propaganda.  In 2014-2015 the gaming community dared to point out and criticize the politicization of their hobby as well as the ongoing attacks against their community by gaming journalists.  This led to the “Gamergate” controversy.  You’re not allowed to reveal the man behind the curtain when it comes to leftist agendas in popular entertainment, and when you do, the standard operating procedure is for the propagandists to go on the attack.

And so they did, claiming rampant racism, sexism and widespread harassment perpetrated by gamers.  According to the media, the gaming world was a breeding ground for monsters, though they were rarely able to provide any proof to back up these claims.  

Government agencies have become increasingly and openly biased against anyone outside of the leftist ideology in recent years, with social justice cultism and critical race theory narratives invading institutional language and training.  A perfect example would be the CIA, which happily produced and defended this bizarre recruitment ad: 

Clearly, the goal of the current government is to go woke as fast as possible.  The DHS is no different, and it’s not surprising that they have decided to give around $700,000 of taxpayer funds to groups like Logically, a company committed to the issue of “bad” online behavior, Middlebury Institute’s Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism (CTEC), and Take This, a nonprofit that specializes in mental health in video gaming.  These groups are tasked with identifying extremist influences in gaming and create solutions to stop it. 

There is no legitimate threat presented by video gaming because there is no legitimate “extremism” to find.  Rather, what the DHS is pursuing are ways to demonize non-leftist groups and artificially link them to the concept of extremism.  Much like their now defunct Disinformation Governance Board, the mission is to paint opposing views as dangerous and thus subject to control and censorship.  The mission is also to uncover dangers and dragons that are not really there to justify government intrusions into free market arenas.  

At bottom, this is about the political left taking over federal agencies and using them as weapons against movements and groups that have had the audacity to stand against them in the past.  One might think that the world of video games would be far below the interests of the DHS, but it’s important to remember that the video game industry is now bigger and more influential than the film industry.  It also has a community building dynamic, and when totalitarians see a mode of communication and organization that sits outside of their control, they will stop at nothing to chain it down or destroy it.   

Tyler Durden
Mon, 09/19/2022 – 22:40

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