DISOBEDIENCE: The People, Sheriffs and Governors Reclaiming the Narrative to Reopen

By Jefferey Jaxen

The ‘coronavirus response’ has been a historically heartbreaking chain events. Nearly every level of society has experienced losses that words will never do much justice. While we are still very much within this rolling crisis, humanity is beginning to take the reigns and direct their futures.

With much of the economy in critical condition from the extended lockdowns, the ripple effect of job loss has stifled supply chains and foisted ill-health conditions and hardships upon millions forever adding a deep blemish to hardship to this generation.

To say any event is a silver lining at this stage would do a dishonor to those who needlessly lost their lives in relation to this virus.

The second wave is here and it’s not a virus. Germany has seen sustained protests as their people move to reclaim their country from harsh lockdown policies. Meanwhile, weeks of protests in cities across America has helped influence governors to advance their reopening timetables. Many are taking matters into their own hands as states drag their feet.

In Maine, bars and restaurants have defied governors orders to reopen early while campgrounds and restaurants in Scarborough and Waterboro are suing to block Gov. Mills’ ‘unconstitutional infringement.’

Virginia Governor Northam was forced to ditch coronavirus restrictions for Virginia Beach after last weekend’s crowds defy his orders en masse. A somewhat similar event happened weeks ago and led to protests in Huntington Beach as California Gov. Newsom closed Orange Country beaches after people flooded them. At the time, local sheriff’s publicly announced they wouldn’t enforce the governor’s orders.

Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia have all led the pack to reopen early. 

Several stories of law enforcement standing down are now regular occurrences. A letter just released from North Carolina’s Polk County Sheriff’s Office warns “…our Constitutional rights have been pushed to the brink.” The letter states further:
“Business owners and religious leaders are adults and private citizens and they can make their own informed decisions as to how to safely operate their business and organizations.”

Expressing concerns about the enforceability of Gov. Cooper’s executive orders “from the day they were first issued,” the letter plainly states they will not take any criminal enforcement against private citizens, business owners, or religious institutions.

While many are discovering their Constitutional backbone, some government officials continue to be tone deaf to the greater re-awakening of individual civil liberties. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a warning during his recent press briefing telling people they’ll be ‘taken out of the water’ if they try to swim at local beaches. He continued adding, “officials didn’t want to use the available fencing to block off entry points as a result of rule-breakers” but implied they would have to if citizens didn’t comply.   

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