Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Why the Virus Has Never Been Proven To Exist, Why the “Pandemic” Is a Psychological Operation and More

Has the virus ever been proven to exist or was it a man-made creation in a lab in China?  Many curious people who have fervently researched this topic still aren’t sure. Dr. Andrew Kaufman, a psychiatrist with a scientific background, was one of the first experts in 2020 to contend SARS-CoV-2, the virus the world has been told causes the disease Covid-19, has never been purified or isolated. In an excellent interview, Kaufman explains why he believes this, why the “pandemic” is a psychological operation, why humanity is on the precipice of a paradigm shift to transhumanism, and how to escape this unfolding planned tyranny.

A summary of the interview:

Since March 2020 the government has engaged in an end run around the legislative process that has taken away many of our freedoms and now pressure is being putting on us to take experimental shots.
Experimental criteria were put forth that supposedly proves the virus. The experiment itself gives them the proof they need even if they don’t have a virus. Dr. Stefan Lanka showed he had proof of a virus without any source of a virus. They never have taken a sick person, pulled the virus out and purified or isolated it to study it. They used a computer to generate an in silico or computer-generated genome. Instead of starting with an organism with one piece of genetic material in these experiments, they started with a mixture and they don’t know what’s in it. The alleged PCR test is based on a genome sequence that was used before they had in any way shown the presence of the new virus. It was made on a published genome sequence from the SARS virus published in 2003, which was also a computerized genome.
Widely distributed pictures that supposedly prove evidence of the virus are artistic renderings. Black and white pictures from an electron microscope that show round particles with spiked dots on the outside have been shown in kidney biopsies from 1999 when the involved parties had nothing to do with SARS-CoV-2 or any virus. The kidney doctors who wrote the scientific paper about this said these particles are indistinguishable from viruses, and that this would be a point of confusion. The scientific community is aware of this confusion but pretends the virus is real. If the actual virus has not been discovered to be real, you can’t have a genome and it can’t cause disease. This evidence is published and widely available. They don’t want the voices of doctors who realize the scam heard, so they are censored. Fauci is in on it and is getting paid and getting notoriety.
Delta and other variants – They sequenced the entire genome and had fragments of genetic material from what would be in the lung of a sick person. There are 56 million fragments of RNA, and they sequenced those. We don’t know where they came from because we didn’t get the fragments from a virus. They were put into a computer which combined into 3 million possible genomes. They picked one to make it look like a bat coronavirus, which was probably a predetermined outcome, and then they said this is the indexed genome. They put out instructions of how anyone can do this experiment, except in the end they compare it to the indexed genome which is contrived by a computer. They won’t get an exact match because they are not testing the real thing, just combining random sequences. Every time they repeat the experiment by this recipe around the world – and there have been 40,000 of these – not one exactly matches. They are all a little bit off. This is what happens when you try to repeat an invalid experiment. You don’t get the same results. They call the results variants. This is an important scheme to ramp up fear. They haven’t isolated and characterized any one variant. They haven’t done studies where they look at the actual clinical outcomes. They do a computer simulation which says this may be more transmissible and dangerous. It is probably people sitting around and plotting, “How can we make this scarier and fudge science to back this up?” From the scientific establishment perspective, very few report how to do this because they make it difficult to understand. You have three different disciplines involved – computer scientists, geneticists and virologists. No one understands the whole thing is sham because it is compartmentalized.
We are on the precipice of a paradigm shift to transhumanism. The World Economic Forum’s vision for our future is they want us to have our social interaction online, and this puts humans in a lower state of being. If you look through the literature at the technologies they plan to use for various evil purposes you find 1,000s of articles on gene therapy, nanotechnology including magnetic nanoparticles, hydrogels, machine-brain interfaces. This technology is not in its infancy. Many have been used in experiments and have been shown to work. They have nanotechnology, originally optogenetics changed to magneto genetics, which they have injected into animals and it can control their behavior.
The “pandemic” is a psychological operation. Referencing back to the many planning documents like the Rockefeller Foundation’s Lockstep in 2010, the SPARS simulation and Event 201, there are indications in the timeline that they accelerated this psych op because people have been waking up to the truth. The globalists started to worry they might miss their opportunity if they waited for everything to line up according to their plans, so they’ve been making mistakes. Fear is a major manipulative force and many now suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Many techniques used in this campaign to market the virus and shots come from Edward Bernays and people who develop propaganda as a discipline. A whistleblower revealed psychologists were hired in the UK by the health service to devise strategies to maximize fear in the population. This is a major effort to control people’s thinking and make sure they don’t question what is going on, which can be compared to a cult-like situation. The #1 way to get people out of this state is to stop watching TV. TV patents use a rhythm to refresh images that puts you in an alpha wave state which is effective for hypnosis and programming.
Many are realizing the allopathic health care system is turning into a bio-surveillance and transhumanist establishment that is no longer available to people. They have been afraid to go to hospitals which have cancelled services and there have been layoffs of medical personnel. People are looking for alternatives and this is an amazing opportunity to move to a future of healing to address health in a realistic way where people can completely recover from disease and not just be dependent on pharmaceuticals to manage their symptoms.
Contact tracers – Don’t be violent with them, talk to them in your front yard, give them information about science, print out the consent form for Moderna which says in bold letters the shots are an experimental treatment. Kaufman completed human subjects research training that covered the Nuremberg code which states you must inform people about the risks of medical experiments and they have to voluntarily participate. This has been completely ignored by governments, universities, and private companies that are dictating we must take experimental medical treatments if we want to participate with their goods and services.
A separation of our society into two factions is ahead – those who see the truth and who are not going to participate and are going to do things their own way. Each individual needs to make a decision for themselves that they won’t participate in any aspect of what is going on and the more people do that the less likely there will be any progression of tyranny. If you decide not to comply, you will have to make sacrifices, like forgoing flying and traveling overseas, which are not short term options. Over 100 years ago you didn’t have to get a passport from the government, and this was an incremental attack on our freedoms.
Take responsibility for your health, grow food, form communities, study law to inform, protect and legally stand up for yourself. In decentralized ways at the grassroots level people are teaching each other. For example, there are free energy alternative devices, tractors that run on water, spinning magnet type disks that can generate electricity for a decade. It is possible to be off the grid and have an amazing quality of life and get back to nature. From the time we have been brought into the world, we have been indoctrinated to specific cultural phenomenon such as compulsory school systems, and we don’t think for ourselves. You can separate that influence, realize the fallacy of it and get in touch with nature and the universe. We have to get back to our true nature as women and men, and interact with the land, forest, ecology and with each other in communities. We need not be slaves by having a job that is a paycheck and every moment we have free time we want to escape – drink beer, watch sports, play video games, and watch TV. This is an opportunity to regain having a real meaningful purpose in life.

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