Dr. McCullough: mRNA from Covid Vax Transfers from Jabbed to Unjabbed, ‘Changing Human Genome’

In a recent interview, distinguished internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough shared how studies have indicated that synthetic mRNA from the Pfizer and Moderna experimental COVID vaccines may last permanently in the body, can also transfer to the unvaccinated, and is “changing the human genome.”

“It looks like the messenger RNA is transferring from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated now,” McCullough told Tanya Gaw from Action4Canada on November 24 (beginning at 39:24).

The Dallas-based physician has had a renowned career in the medical field, including authoring 677 articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals, and remains the most published individual in his field in history.

McCullough referenced an article of his where he cited a study by Helene Banoun showing that lipid nanoparticles that carry the mRNA spread throughout the body and “have been shown to be able to be excreted through body fluids (sweat, sputum, breast milk) and to pass the transplacental barrier.”

“And in a paper by Fertig and Colleagues, the messenger RNA is found circulating in blood for at least two weeks” (here), the physician told Gaw. “And the curves were not going down. That’s as long as they looked.”

He stated another paper “found messenger RNA in the vaccinated in lymph nodes for months. It looks like the body’s not clearing it out.”

‘It looks like the messenger RNA IS transferring from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated’ ~ Dr Peter McCullough pic.twitter.com/qk4RcjHBZO

— Janey (@_Janey_J) December 1, 2022

Finally, another study “from Hanna and colleagues in JAMA showed that the messenger RNA is in the breast milk of ill-advised women who took the vaccine during pregnancy or afterwards,” he said.

Summarizing these thoughts, McCullough proposed the rhetorical question: “Could you actually take a vaccine inadvertently by close contact, kissing, sexual contact, [or] breastfeeding? It looks like the answer is ‘yes.’”

Furthermore, he explained that the mRNA has “never been demonstrated to actually leave the body. They look like they’re permanent, as well as the spike protein that’s produced after them. This is very disturbing.”

Discussing the ramifications of this, McCullough explained providing advice for his patients was very difficult. Having first advised his unvaccinated patients to “refrain from kissing and sexual contact with a vaccinated person” for 30 days, he extended it “to at least 90 days” and was considering extending it from that point forward.

“I know there’s married couples and all kinds of personal implications there,” he commented.

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