Eating Bugs: Let’s Dig into It!

Yeh, eating bugs is a thing, and at the World Economic Forum, it is all about teaching the whys and wherefores of bug eating! After all, eating bugs is all about doing your part to “save the planet” right?

You know, the UN’s Agenda 2030 – which will cut 30% of land from farm production

And in the USA, we have Biden’s 30X30 plan to preserve 30% of U.S. land and water — over 720 million acres — by 2030

So -that is an example of how the UN wants all of us to do our part in “saving the world”, and they believe eating bugs is a big part of it!

Whether we like it of not – it is happening. “Aspire Groups” is the main commercial driver (manufacturer) behind the push to use crickets as food in North America.

Aspire lists their main source of initial funding as the 1 million dollar “Hult Prize” in 2013. Now, it took a lot of digging to figure out who funds the Hult Prize – turns out it is funded by Bertil Hult and is “supported” (funded?) by the United Nations. So, there is your link – back to the UN and their strategic partner, the World Economic Forum.

Just take a gander at the “Aspire Group” and their new “manufacturing plant” for crickets. Yep – that it what it is being labelled as… by the Canadian Manufacturing trade group.

Language please! Crickets are insects – they are NOT manufactured. They are alive. We don’t “manufacture” chickens, cattle or people. Crickets aren’t a synthetic product. They are not an amalgamate and they aren’t assembled on an assembly line. They are living beings, not plastic!

Seems to me that Aspire is a cricket farm, not a cricket manufacturing plant. Honestly. How stupid do they think we are? By labelling crickets as a manufactured product, they hope we will forget our squeamishness.

“They” will be adding this food additive into everything from crackers to pet foods.

When a single facility can immediately begin producing 9000 tons (18 million pounds) of crickets a year and adding them to the food supply, we got trouble (and it isn’t only in River City).

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