Elizabeth Holmes Testifies: Theranos Founder “Wishes” She Had Listened To Whistleblower

Elizabeth Holmes Testifies: Theranos Founder “Wishes” She Had Listened To Whistleblower

Elizabeth Holmes said during testimony yesterday that she wished he had treated whistleblower Erika Cheung, a junior lab worker at Theranos, “differently”. 

“I sure as hell wished we treated her differently and listened to her,” Holmes reportedly said on the stand on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg. 

When addressing Cheung, who blew the whistle on defective blood-testing technology at the company, Holmes said she never threatened her, but did acknowledge that “attorney David Boies was hired to serve her with a subpoena”. Holmes also admitted that Cheung was threatened with a lawsuit.

Holmes said in court Wednesday: “I knew our lawyers were following up with her”, supposedly to prevent Chueng from disclosing trade secrets.

The prosecutor then asked Holmes: “You know today that Erika Cheung was right?”

“Yes,” Holmes responded. 

Holmes also discussed potentially trying to get in front of John Carreyrou’s Wall Street Journal story about her. She was asked about a text from Sunny Balwani, about Carreyrou, that read: “Seems like this guy is looking to write something negative.”

Holmes said she wasn’t able to recall the text messages, but did say she was trying to “make sure our trade secrets weren’t disclosed”. 

“I think I mishandled the entire process of the Wall Street Journal reporting,” Holmes also said Wednesday.

We’d say so. 

Recall, last week we pointed out Holmes’s strategy on the stand appeared to be hiding behind the “failure is not a crime” defense. 

Holmes had reportedly pushed back on accusations about lying about Theranos’ work with drug companies and blamed scientists and doctors who worked for her, saying she “believed what they had told her about Theranos’s technology,” according to the NY Times

“We thought this was a really big idea,” she reportedly said on the stand.

Elizabeth Holmes’s daily schedule

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