Environmentalists “Feel Burned” By Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, Want Another $2.1 Trillion In Climate Spending

Environmentalists “Feel Burned” By Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, Want Another $2.1 Trillion In Climate Spending

An environmentalist group made up of the Center for American Progress, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the League of Conservation Voters and “dozens of others” is seeking an additional $2.1 trillion in infrastructure spending after “feeling burned” by the lack of climate change measure in President Biden’s infrastructure deal.

Because, you know, noble causes and all…

The group is now asking comrade Bernie Sanders to “include that much spending on climate measures in a package being assembled by Democrats”, according to a new report by BNN Bloomberg. A written request was given to Sanders that asks for $225 billion for clean-energy tax credits, $250 billion for a clean-energy standard and $100 billion in consumer incentives for clean vehicles.

The bill also asks for “billions more” for water infrastructure, nuclear energy, electric buses and – we swear we’re not making this up – “efficient electric appliances.”

The push represents what is likely going to be decades-long pressure on Democratic administrations to help fulfill Biden’s promises to eliminate carbon emissions from the electric grid by 2035 and the rest of the economy by 2050.

The group likely targeted Sanders to push for their requests for a reason:

Sanders previously had outlined a $6 trillion proposal covering Biden’s agenda as well as an expansion of Medicare, additional climate change items, immigration reform and a permanent extension of the child-care tax credit. But that measure is expected to shrink as agreement is sought from moderates in the caucus to pass both the budget resolution and a follow-up reconciliation bill, which requires 50 votes for passage along with Vice President Kamala Harris’s tie-breaking vote.

The groups’ demands are “unlikely to be realized in full,” BNN wrote.

Recall, we noted that in a late-night announcement Tuesday, Chuck Schumer said the Budget Committee had reached an agreement to allot $3.5 trillion for a spending package that would complete President Biden’s infrastructure plan.

“The Budget Committee has come to an agreement,” Sen. Schumer told reporters Tuesday night following a closed-door meeting with Democratic lawmakers.

The deal adds to the $600 billion package of infrastructure measures that Biden has struck with Republicans.

“You add that to that the $600 billion in a bipartisan plan and you get to $4.1 trillion, which is very, very close to what President Biden has asked us for,” Schumer said. “Every major program that President Biden has asked us for is funded in a robust way.”

The package will include such “infrastructure” priorities like expanding Medicare, addressing climate change, expanding childcare (after the administration just approved a new $300 handout for couples with children)  and education. The Democrats have famously deemed all this “human infrastructure”, which Republicans have vowed to reject.


Tyler Durden
Wed, 07/14/2021 – 16:45

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