EV Charging Prices In Munich Expected To Rise As Much As 81%

EV Charging Prices In Munich Expected To Rise As Much As 81%

It looks as though living the alternative energy EV dream is coming with higher costs…at least, that’s what’s being reported on the ground in Munich. 

Germany’s “messy transition to renewable energies” is resulting in an unpleasant surprise for EV owners at charging stations, energy-focused German blog NoTricksZone writes this week

In Munich, the Stadtwerke München municipal utility has announced it is going to raise the price of electricity by 81%, the blog reported, citing multiple German news outlets. 

“At the AC charging stations, the electricity price will rise from 38 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) to 49 cents per kWh, while at DC fast charging stations the amount will jump from the current 38 cents per kWh to a whopping 69 cents per kWh,” the Munich online daily Merkur reports.

“The current rates will remain in effect until the end of March, after which the charging cards of the municipal provider will lose their validity. The last increase by Münchner Stadtwerke took place three years earlier, in April 2019,” the article continues. 

A customer commented, calling the price increase “no longer an adjustment”, but instead just “brutal”. 

Bavarian CSU parliamentary group leader and e-car driver Manuel Pretzl said: “This is total madness. You can’t destroy the cost advantage of e-cars. At home, electricity costs around half!”

NoTricksZone, who first compiled the sources for this story, is a climate and energy news blog from Germany, written in English, by Pierre L. Gosselin.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 02/24/2022 – 07:16

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