Everything Is Clear From Up Here

The Awakened
There are frequent delusions being peddled of an end to the pandemic and a return to normalcy as the lies continue to unravel in the face of a brutal reality and the endless collapsing narratives. For those captives enthralled with this new development hope springs forth to seize attention and satiate their desperate need for optimism. Survival in times of crisis does not depend on optimism or hope, although the latter can be a useful psychological motivator in desperately severe circumstances. Survival requires an acknowledgment of truth and reality, so that reasonable decisions can be made based on accurate intelligence. The acquisition of accurate intelligence is a laborious process these days when censorship and propaganda are proffered hourly as authoritative “news”.

This process begins with the willingness to consciously open one’s mind and dispense with reinforced biases, question long held beliefs, extricate one’s digital presence from algorithmic echo chambers, refuse to freeze when shocked by the horror of new information which often leads to a retreat to the safety and security of old or popular beliefs wrapped in warm delusions. Once that retreat is rejected, one must question their beliefs a third and fourth time and recognize errors where they exist until those old beliefs no longer interfere with processing new information. It’s a lonely process, that requires accepting a devastating loneliness that inevitably follows. Call it a cognitive behavioral procedure of un-washing one’s brain that is so constantly bombarded with lies and propaganda it often cannot distinguish the line between healthy skepticism and bug house paranoia.

What information does a lonely healthy skeptic glean from an impassioned retrospective analysis of the past two years?

The lies are everywhere. They are intentional. Your brain and emotions are tools for management and manipulation. Your behavior is to be monitored and conditioned. The hearts and minds of millions will soon recognize the evil social engineers are all around them, in the halls of every institution public or private. They seek to divide and control totally. This is healthy skepticism based on facts and evidence. This is not bug house paranoia.

Politically we have witnessed nothing short of the end of liberal democracy. Ryszard Legutko warned about this in his 2018 book “The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies.” I suspect he was largely ignored because he is conservative and all powerful institutions across the west especially academia have been captured by ideological leftists of one shade or another (Socialists, Greens, Marxists, Communists) who have made conditions for tyranny not only possible but inevitable. They love total control, censorship, segregation, destroying political enemies by any means, especially camps. As Legutko observes, the post-Soviet “end of history” failed to sufficiently demonize socialism and communism, instead under the guise of tolerance, allowed these forces direct seats inside parliaments and ivory towers across the west. Liberal democracies were eaten from the inside by these forces who have been weaponized by higher forces – global oligarchs – to discard the truth as little red guard enforcers of politically motivated tyranny that dresses itself up with utopian words like inclusion, equity and social justice. We are now reaping these consequences everywhere.

Your merchants were the world’s important people.
By your magic spell all the nations were led astray.
Revelations 18:23 (The Finality of Babylon’s Doom)

The road to greater tyranny has been sufficiently paved by this collusion between global oligarchs and their totalitarian foot soldiers. We are all witnesses in real time to the beginning of coordinated global medical police states that endorse pharmacological apartheid, digital surveillance passports, experimental toxic vaccine mandates for a lab-engineered virus funded by those in power eager to cover-up their crimes by eliminating the control group, and intentionally corrupting and debasing science to engineer their technocratic Pharmakeia North Koreas. They will destroy everything to meet their ends, including businesses, lives, elderly pensions (by killing the pensioners) national fiat currencies, supply chains, centrally controlled markets, private property, common sense, science, truth, trust in institutions, justice, the rule of law and all individual liberties that millions sacrificed their lives for throughout our once cherished history.

These technocratic Pharmakeia North Koreas require total control of a totally subdued and compliant populace. They’ve activated corporate-state cooperation in censoring the truth wherever it appears, and substituted it with endless streams of lies and propaganda that enable the silly cult-like impositions of human indignities devoid of science or even common sense. I will spare myself the time and simply copy and paste the list from one of many other pieces I’ve written on this.

They include the useless masks while standing and moving but not seated and eating; measured social distancing via floor stickers and arrows to herd participants like farm animals; manipulated PCR testing technology triggering false positives which were never meant to diagnose anything; the sick-until-proven innocent presumptions that divide us socially and isolate us mentally; engineering mass psychosis against the unvaccinated “dirty” others despite all scientific evidence showing no difference between groups; the rules for the masses that never apply to the elites in power; the surveillance tracing and imprisoning healthy people in their own homes; retributive coercive fines and redundancies (now imprisonment) for not complying; constantly testing healthy people with no symptoms, once a habit of hypochondriacs and maniacs; abusing children in schools by covering their faces with bacterial diapers while distancing them, stunting their psychological and intellectual growth, destroying their childhoods; engineering toxic suspicions by weaponizing the idea of ubiquitous ‘invisible harm’ in public places that placate the neurotic and fearful at the expense of everyone sane and rational; injecting endless contagions of fear and psychological manipulation into all western populations; ignoring early treatments to save lives so that a coordinated systemic method of killing for profit is government subsidized and substituted as “treatment” by corporations masquerading as hospitals.

Narrative Collapse
Yes, Omicron is a useful gift bestowed from nature, or potentially another lab. It’s a gift in its transmissibility, mildness and vaccine escape, rendering all of Pfizer and Moderna’s magic injections utterly useless, exposing the soft under bellies of our institutional hucksters, profiteers and mad technocrats to millions who had previously been catatonic in their thrall. The useful dupes are turning. They have yet to begin the cognitive behavioral procedure of un-washing their brains, or a comprehensive retrospective analysis of their past two years under a blinding spell, but they’re out of their comas and taking in a new paradigm. In what numbers who really knows. It is this process of increasing their numbers and thereby power of the counter totalitarian movement that has offered renewed optimism to those who have horrifyingly witnessed these atrocities for two years, wondering if they will ever end.

These newly activated people are mostly in various states of awakening, one narrative collapse at a time. There are levels on this journey toward becoming fully aware of what has transpired the past two years. We need to encourage everyone who has set forth on this journey, wherever they may be in the world.

The Urban Man
This person is at level zero. They loves their chains. They will cooperate with technocrats and defend their tyranny as “science and safety for the common good” even if they have to line up daily for a Pfizer-Moderna-Nano-razorblade fusion drip and the permissioned QR code scan of obedience that follows. They will have their nasal cavity probed with all manner of pokers so they can feel a part of the disturbing cult that gives their life meaning. They will happily film themselves barking at others in public whose paper muzzles slip below their noses, using words like “problematic” and “harmful” to justify their performed outrage. Most of their behavior is guided by appearing virtuous to other Urban Mans than actually being virtuous.

They will never hesitate to participate in medical theater and all form of ritualistic absurdities the state demands of them. When the government is cruel to those who exercise autonomy over their bodies by firing them from their jobs, these people celebrate the cruelty as a victory for safety and “public health”. If they could have the government cuddle with them and their teddies at night they would immediately welcome it. They will still be fast asleep when the first oligarchs and western health technocrats are strung up for crimes against humanity. They will scream in horror and disbelief as the first necks are snapped with elegant Steinway piano wire, “O! M! G! Like, what did they do so wrong!?” They do not see the evil in forcefully injecting toxic substances into 5-year-olds so that Pfizer is shielded from liability with legal immunity. These people are perfectly splendid obedient vassals for any tyrant to mobilize. Do not bother with trying to wake them, you are only wasting your breath. Our nightmare is their joy and happiness.

The Desert Man
They have awakened and find themselves all alone. They suspect something is not right but have spent their lives appeasing others and are too afraid to speak up. They are waiting for someone else to speak up first so they feel more comfortable about not sounding like a “conspiracy theorist” who takes “horse paste” as medicine. Their social circles are riddled with too many sensitive and safety-first urban mans who send them “fact checked” information from NPR, CBC, or the BBC. When no one is looking they’ll sneak a visit to the Covid World website or front line doctors for truth. Although the conditions for further awakening have not arrived yet, they would welcome its acceleration. They suspect the truth is being censored, and are thirsty for any drip they can find. Some of them have received both injections and a booster, although reluctantly. They find mandates cruel and inhumane and do not support them, though some have downloaded government apps to participate in medical apartheid. They will likely keep wandering the desert until they reach the sea or mountains. It could take months or even years but the important thing is that they’ve begun their journey as one or another narrative collapses around them. They are in search of the truth and we must keep telling it to quench their moral dehydration so their journey can continue and they can feel more courageous in extricating themselves from the noxious fumes of the Urban Man.

The Sea Farer
They can see land in all directions, but are unsure which direction will fare best for them. They have left their blue state for a red state where they will not be fired from the job they love for not submitting to the pharmaceutical guinea pig game. They prefer not to have to show a “passport” or muzzle their faces for medical theater to participate in society. They are neither neurotic, nor fearful, yet do not wish for the neurotic and fearful minority in society to dictate laws where they live. They’re curious enough to read data and process it with their own critical thoughts. Some may have received a jab or two, but now regret it and wouldn’t dare line up for a booster. They have been wondering why the definition of vaccines was changed, why natural immunity has been ignored, why so many doctors are being fired or silenced for speaking the truth. They know they must guide their vessel in the right direction, and let the winds of truth carry them toward a greater understanding of what is really happening. When they hit land, they’ll be so thoroughly energized to learn more as they continue on toward the mountains.

The Forest Man
They have made it closer to the mountains. They bounce from tree to tree, each one a new story about our insane world, new evidence, new proof. They are well versed in the medical theatre and toxic vaccines and are ready to embrace other theories but are afraid they might be misled. They refuse to wear masks in public places, knowing they are a useless tool, and merely a signal of obedience and submission. They refuse the toxic injections, having deep suspicions about its rush to market, the origins of the engineered virus and have connected a few odious billionaires and institutions to the diabolical machinations all around them.

They know the tyranny is intentional, is engineered, but are unsure of exactly how and to what degree. They’re ready to climb to the mountain top, but they just can’t wrap their mind around the possibility that such evil exists in our world today. As a psychological defense mechanism, they block out the worst elements of our present reality. Yet they keep bumping into trees that force them to constantly question the possibility, the likelihood based on all other evidence before them that the evil is real and might be intentional, and if things keep heading in the current direction they can foresee the darkness, with greater death, the uprooting of lives, the terror and the trauma. They see the mountains all around them and want to venture up higher, where they might have a better vantage point. Another tree hits them in the form of a new study on vaccine resistance to the latest variant and they stop to read that instead before participating in the sound and fury with others still in the forest online, a source of needed comfort.

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