Fauci Knew Boosters Could Cause Immune Tolerance; Pushed for them Anyway

SUMMARY: This post presents evidence proving that Tony Fauci and immunologists knew that mRNA Covid boosters could cause disease-enabling immune tolerance. Despite that documented knowledge, they inexplicably pushed to boost people repeatedly, ruining their immunity to Sars-Cov-2.

At the Speed of Science

The anti-Covid-vaccine circles are abuzz with posts discussing “IgG4 immune tolerance”. It describes mRNA-injected people developing so-called “IgG4 antibodies”, which make their immune systems “ignore” Covid infections instead of fighting them vigorously, leading to slow virus clearance, excessive replication of the virus, and “sudden deaths.”

Many described this unsettling situation, with hundreds of millions of boosted people conditioned to suboptimal reactions to COVID infections, as a “surprise for immunologists.”

The thing is, it was anything but a surprise.

Fauci Knew about IgG4

Far from being an obscure immunology topic, knowledge about the IgG4 antibody subclass (intended by nature for allergens and such) being suboptimal for immune response to a replicating virus such as Sars-Cov-2 was well known in immunology.

Even Dr. Fauci co-authored a 2015 Science Translational Medicine study that negatively spoke of IgG4 antibodies from repeat injections as undesirable in vaccine response. The article is behind a paywall, but I could download it thanks to money from my paying subscribers.

Here it is:

Fauci and other authors mention IgG4 and imply that it is suboptimal. Fauci’s article explains that “good” IgG3 antibodies mark infected cells for destruction (the article describes a mechanism called ADCC, or antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity), and IgG4 antibodies do not trigger this mechanism to kill the virus-carrying cells:

Therefore, the worldwide Covid response leader, Dr. Anthony Fauci, was fully aware of the role IgG4 antibodies play.

Immune Tolerance, IgG4 Role Known since at least 1989

The science of immunology has been familiar with how repeated immunizations produce IgG4 antibody subclass and create immune tolerance since at least 1989.

This Swedish study describes how frequent immunizations against pertussis paradoxically DECREASE immunity against that disease. It notes that natural immunity to pertussis does not produce such an effect:

Another study from 2017 explains the outcome of IgG4 induction in pertussis due to repeat injections:

Repeated booster doses of acellular vaccine in children primed with acellular vaccine has been shown to result in progressively shorter duration of protection against disease. [Does that remind you of Covid vaccine? — I.C.] This may be explained by the generation of higher levels of antigen-specific IgG4, which does not bind complement and leads to a suboptimal inflammatory response and impaired phagocytosis and antimicrobial defense.

The article shows how repeated pertussis boosters lead to impaired antimicrobial defense and progressively shorter protection. This is why pertussis vaccines fail to protect people, a phenomenon I described before.

The same failing protection happens with repeated COVID boosters!

Another article points out that IgG4 antibodies are inferior for Hepatitis B prevention:

While children vaccinated below 5 years of age responded mainly with IgG1 and IgG3 subclasses, older children (>5 years) showed a high individual variability in the specific profiles with a high contribution of IgG4. We concluded that vaccination at a younger age leads to the production of antibody subclasses which are more effective for virus neutralization.

Let me suggest that it is not the child’s age that causes the production of ineffective IgG4 antibodies. It is more likely that frequent vaccinations required by the childhood vaccine schedule make children’s immune response worse as they get older.

Immune tolerance, induced by frequent vaccine boosting, and the role of IgG4 antibodies in it, was therefore well known in science before the Covid pandemic.

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