Fauci’s Fiasco Betrays Phake Pharma and Phrauds to Come

Our Pharmaceutical-medical monopoly must keep the origin of disease muddled. They have withheld effective prevention and safe healing practices for at least 100 years to maintain their stratospheric wealth and key position in a dark global agenda. Doctors are bound by standards of practice based on “The Science,” spoken of by Dr. Fauci and the false premise that “only drugs can cure disease.”  Pharmacare is based on a mishmash of downstream etiologies (causes) and expensive treatments while masquerading as the final authority on everything scientific. “The Science” is a long-established religion, source of the “Word of God” and covid-compliance the new/now Inquisition.  I’m not saying avoid the ER for injuries and acute interventions; it may be a golden second chance to get informed and take personal responsibility for your health.  Sometimes a drug is the right answer, just usually there are better safer answers.

Besides war and suicide; Heart disease, cancers, stroke, sepsis, pneumonia and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) are listed as top causes of death..with diabetes waiting in the hallway.  Fortunately, most all are preventable and treatable if you know the secrets the pharmaceutical industry protects so dearly.

Since more disease means more business/more power; the medical establishment has floated many lies. These include the mostly false “Germ Theory of Disease”, cholesterol/statin mythology, vaccinations as the “only means of immunity”, sunshine phobia and lately with the genetic testing craze, the lame idea that your genes, with millions of years of survival experience, are somehow responsible for every illness when genetic expression is usually the problem. Actual statistics show that we have about the worst health in the world at the steepest price.  Over half of Americans are beset by an actual “pandemic” of preventable chronic disease and carry a grocery-sack full of prescriptions.  The medical system may tell you to quit smoking, eat more vegetables and exercise while hiding the nitty-grit information they hold close.  Funny how the clinical practice of medicine is standardized in direct opposition to jillions of their own studies?  A few courageous physicians ignore standards of practice, do what works and actually save lives. I know goddamn well there are safe alternatives to “The Science.”

Never has the false side of medicine been so obvious as with the criminal creation of covid 19. Blatant “no treatment” lies by Fauci & Co, inane lockdowns, suffocation by mask and relentless pressure to get Pfizerized were followed by “new drugs” that also don’t work.  Trillions of dollars left our imaginary treasury toward the biggest payout ever for Fauci’s biannually-staged shakedowns. Origins of the weaponized viral attack were denied and confused. Not only was the data cooked, but horrible hospital practices took many lives when dangerous mRNA-spike protein vaxxines saw infections and deaths spike! Official denials spiked too.  Celebrities, CIA news readers and rich assholes like Bill Gates urged mass vaccination while cancelling anti-vaxxers, even getting them fired. America was crushed by our public health “experts” who have been wrong all along. Ever remember a scam so huge, so absurd and so damaging to our nation?

Real science is not that complicated. LIFE RUNS on ENERGY!  Life exists in a very narrow range of conditions. It requires O2 oxygen, H2O water and strict nutrient/mineral/ pH levels.  All these conditions must be met for life to exist.  Understand that pH is not just a measure of acidity vs alkalinity, but a reflection of electric potential or “ORP”; Oxidation Reduction Potential. pH/ORP determine attractions and repulsions in the world of molecules and cells.  The activities, behaviors and integrity of the fragile mega-molecules of life, from locomotion to immune strength and genetic expression to the protection of enzymes, hormones and the integrity of DNA depend on their charge environment!

All the complex structures in the human body can only persist at around pH 7.4-7.45 which equates to about .40 volts that indicates a healthy “charge terrain.”  When voltage falls below that level, oxygen comes under attack by acidic protons, oxidation claims electrons from molecular bonds destroying them, cell replication halts and what was once alive returns to its elemental components; dust to dust.  To maintain voltage, the body generates ATP electrons from carbonaceous foods in the presence of oxygen. It also absorbs electrons from anti-oxidant plants, electric potential from heat/light/sound and negative ions from the air and Earth itself. It maintains system pH through breathing in and out aided by a “battery” of electrolytes in blood and body fluids.   All life functions and cellular integrity are maintained via the generation or absorption of electron energy! So when we say “charge terrain” we describe the electrical potential of our internal environment where complex biochemistry must proceed efficiently.

That’s life in a nutshell. It’s electrical! Life teeters in the balance between bond-breaking electron-theft via oxidation (like rusting/burning) and an electron-rich environment essential for building and protecting life’s molecules…When oxidation predominates it is called “inflammation”; the essence of disease, aka “oxidative stress,”where normal biochemistry is crippled.  Therein sits the dead-certain root-cause and common denominator of disease at the atomic level and can be easily influenced there.

All the aforementioned deadly diseases begin with a disruption in electron energy.  Hydrogen peroxide/H2O2 is generated via inflammatory response to oxidize and “burn” invading pathogens, cancers and cell debris when an organism is threatened. That destruction must be contained by antioxidant electrons.  Inflammation is also the result of the energy-sucking industrial soup of junk foods, metals, inorganic chemicals and organic poisons we swim in. We are powered by electrons/electrical energy and conversely use oxidation/stripping of electrons to destroy invading molecules.  Since flowing electrons create magnetic fields, consciousness itself and even extrasensory phenomenon depend on voltage. We know what makes up a body-battery, we know what weakens it or shorts it out, we know this is settled chemistry and physics, yet modern medicine thinks it can fix you with a pill?

From an electrical point of view, the diagnosis is always the same. So are preventive and treatment options.  Electrical balance must be restored through correcting nutrient, mineral levels and emotional states while reducing original insults. These facts involve a totally different approach to medicine. Simply replace adverse conditions with normal physiological requirements…Duh.  This means dietary improvement, mineral balancing, detoxification, workplace and lifestyle evaluation; all leading to the improvement in LIFE ENERGY.  Conventional medicine fails to indict bad foods, environmental toxins and emotional stress, and instead promotes dangerous drugs, deadly unsaturated vegetable oils, empty foods, sun avoidance and the erroneous idea that disease is inevitable..”so get insurance!”

Maybe most important is to remain free, fearless and happy in the head.  Our empire operates under an artificial construct formed by language that installs words which beget thoughts that become things,…not good things.

Wonder why the AMA, FDA and CDC warned against ivermectin and HCQ treatments for covid 19, or their dismissal of Vitamin D, Vitamin C infusions, hyperbaric oxygen, and even NAC, H2O2, and mineral supplements? It’s their pattern of deception going back generations! It is because they know these inexpensive substances actually work to treat and prevent. Doctors are not completely to blame, being steeped in “The Science” at pharmaceutically phunded colleges. Patients are not completely to blame either, since accurate prevention information was and is hidden by the system.

At least stay healthy. There are bigger challenges in motion.

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