FBI Director Says Atlanta Massage Parlor Murder Spree “Does Not Appear To Be Racially Motivated”

FBI Director Says Atlanta Massage Parlor Murder Spree “Does Not Appear To Be Racially Motivated”

Having successfully summited the stairs into Air Force One this afternoon, President Biden (and his administration full of desperate virtue-signaling panderers) are currently in Atlanta, Georgia, to speak with leaders of the Asian communities there, after a shooting spree targeting three massage parlors.

The attack was horrific leaving eight people dead (six of whom were of Asian descent) because our society doesn’t value human life.

Rather unsurprisingly, this was immediately turned into a race issue.

The man pulling the trigger was white, and therefore, this must be a race-related hate crime committed by a white supremacist.

(If this were race-related, one would expect all eight victims to be of the same race? Or was that part of his cunning plan to throw off investigators to his real racist motives?)

The problem is, as much as the left wants it to be, it wasn’t ‘race’ that caused the man to commit these crimes.

Specifically, as we previously noted, the man arrested for the murders reportedly said he committed the crime spree because “it’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate.” 

He admitted that he has a “sex addiction” and frequently used these “massage parlors” to feed his sex habit. Six of the eight victims were of Asian descent.

Of course, that wasn’t good enough and “investigations” into his motives continued…

But, in an interview with NPR last night, FBI Director Wray came clean:

“So obviously, it’s a heartbreaking incident, and it hits particularly close to home for me since I consider Atlanta home…

The FBI is supporting state and local law enforcement, specifically APD, the Atlanta Police Department, and the [Cherokee County] Sheriff’s Office. So we’re actively involved but in a support role.”

Director Wray continued saying:

“And while the motive remains still under investigation at the moment, it does not appear that the motive was racially motivated.”

Listen to the full interview here:

Now, perhaps, the Biden administration will step up support for disadvantaged women? Or attempt to clamp down on the sex-trafficking epidemic (cough, border control, cough) that forces so many women into these desperate situations… instead of amplifying the “white supremacy” card, which the left and their compliant media are always so quick to use, exacerbating societal divides.

Tyler Durden
Fri, 03/19/2021 – 19:40

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